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Ken Block Trophy
Saturday 6th July
1pm start
Regents Park
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Team Secretary
Dan Forman
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Rail or Tube
Nearest station:
Baker St
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Rail or Tube
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Walk from station:
20 mins (either)
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Current Holders:
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Tournament Rules:
6 a side
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Teams and Fixtures
Teams & Fixtures:
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Pub Rating:
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Varghese Cake Rating:
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Arrow Regents Park
Regents Park Regents Park Regents Park Regents Park
A huge park overlooked by the animals from London Zoo with five cricket pitches and numerous other sports going on. The pitches tend to be "sporting" with underprepared wickets being balanced by small fast outfields producing exciting cricket (many runs, many wickets) for the huge Superstars following. No facilities of such to speak of though (although sometimes you can sneak into the loos to change).
Ground's Website
Changing Rooms
Pavilion Area
Bar in ground
Pitch covers
Arrow Directions
From BAKER STREET tube exit from the side exit and turn right and walk along Baker Street. Turn right very slightly and then cross the road at the lights and enter the park. Turn left and walk along beside the lake (and fittingly ducks!) then cross at the bridge. After the bridge walk straight ahead and the cricket pitches are there.
Local Map
Arrow Baker Street or Regents Park
Zone 1
Barry Rail Enquiries
Barry suggests you're a grown up and should be able to use the tube map by now! Get there on time!
Arrow Tournament Record
Current Fundraising Total = £ 3125
2018: Fundraising Total: £ 1,090 Winners: Tonkers
2017: Fundraising Total: £ 800 Winners: Tonkers
2016: Fundraising Total: £ 400 Winners: Will Spry's team
2015: Fundraising Total: £ 230.78 Winners: ACME and guests
2014: Fundraising Total: £ 605.18 Winners: Spooners / DEFRA Allstars
Arrow Varghese Cake Rating
The Varghese Cake Rating is the official rating system for cricket teas. Further details can be found here-
This tea officially has the maximum 5 cake rating - as the cakes are kindly supplied by volunteers and everyone knows cakes bought for charity have no calorific value but are massively tasty.
Cake Rating gap Cake Rating gap Cake Rating gap Cake Rating gap Cake Rating
Arrow Pub Rating
The are various pubs around the Baker Street and Great Portland Street areas, the VOLUNTEER is probably the favourite, it's all ok.
A 3 pint glass rating
Pub Rating gap Pub Rating gap Pub Rating
Arrow Charity: CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Join the campaign to take a stand against male suicide and get the tools you need for action.
Their website is here.
The Just Giving Page for this tournament
Arrow The laws of 6-a-side cricket
The laws of cricket apply, with the following additions/changes-
1. Each team shall have 6 players, 1 wicket keeper and 5 bowlers.
2. Each innings shall be 5 overs, with each bowler bowling 1 over.
3. A wide or no ball shall be 4 runs with no extra ball (any further runs, such as someone hitting a no ball for six or byes run off a wide, are additional so it is possible to score a 10 off one ball.
4. The exception to 3. shall be the last ball of each innings where 1 run shall be the penalty but an extra ball shall be bowled.
5. Players shall retire at 25 runs, but may return if the other batsmen are dismissed.
Arrow Tournament Rules
1. A win shall be worth 100 points plus bonus points (see below).
2. A tie shall be worth 60 points (no bonus points). Wickets are not a deciding factor in a tie - just runs.
3. Unless there is a tie both teams shall share bonus points thus-
Bonus Points
4. Any player or team deemed (by the committee*) to have either taken the tournament "too seriously", disputing an umpires decision or been involved in any action that brings the game into disrepute shall face a range of penalties from the following-
* 1-1000 team point penalty
* A drink for all those present
* A donation to the event's designated charities, The tournament's Just Giving Page
5. The committee* may also award positive awards (points, cake or others) in some cases. Possible examples of this may be excellence in fund raising, fancy dress or sportsmanship.
*The committee are a group of fine, upstanding, individuals. But very bribable with cake.
Arrow Teams and Fixtures
Details to come here or in the twitter feed above.
Arrow Organisers
Organising the teams, charities and most importantly the cakes is
Charity 6s legend Dan Forman
The full list of Match Managers/organisers, when agreed, is available on the Current Fixture List
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