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Ken Block Trophy
Legal Services Commission 113-6 (Kumar Chintala 2-12) LOST TO
Superstars 118-3 (Thornton 32ret) by 7 wickets.
A strange but good match took place on Clapham Common last Friday on an artificial track. The evening started with emails from Simon Dancer arriving via the miracle of blackberry saying that he was trying to leave a meeting to get to the match and then at 17.44 that he was now leaving the office which was in Milton Keynes and probably wouldn't make the match! At that time only three of the opposing side had turned up. Everyone changed in the open air, Simon Gundry decided not to expose himself to the elements and so wore two pairs of pants and thereby earned himself the new nickname "Two Pants". He denied all rumours of new body piercings. The opposition finally turned up but only with nine players, two of whom seemed rather reluctant to change in the al fresco changing facilities. The opposing captain introduced himself and pulled a set of regulation stumps from his bag and headed for the strip, it was at this point that we discovered that their were no holes in the strip for the stumps. He also asked captain for the day, Jason Marchant, if he happened by any chance to have some boundary markers with him! Matt Conway took control and while the 2 captains agreed on makeshift boundaries started pacing up and down the strip. By putting up a set of stumps just off the strip at one end somehow he marked out the pitch creases using the other three stumps and created a makeshift set of stumps at the other end using Steve Evisons rucksack. It was about this time that the two oppo who hadn't changed sneaked off for the weekend leaving LSC down to seven players.
A 16 over match eventually got underway with only one umpire who was also multitasking as the scorer and charging in to bowl the first over came the New Sandeep. He took a wicket with his first ball and after a few dot balls another wicket with his fifth ball a double wicket maiden; 0 - 2 at the end of the first over. It looked like it could be an ominously short game. However LSC recovered and pushed on to score a respectable 113 for 6 from their 16 overs (just over 7 an over). Capt. Jason knocking over the stumps "Steve's Rucksack" with a run out from our last ball. Not changing ends at the end of each over was most confusing for everyone.
As a gesture of goodwill Capt. Jason offered two players as outfielders for the oppo during our innings. Jeremy Keates and Steve Evison opened for the Superstars "Keatesey" was caught brilliantly one handed at gulley by their oldest player (he was about 73 years old) for just 10 runs from 8 balls faced which bought Scott "the wacker" Thornton to the crease. Scott tried his best to decapitate Matt's wife and children as they sat having a picnic on the boundary by hit two sixes flat and low just over their heads before being forced to retire having scored 32 not out from 16 balls. Steve Evison was caught by substitute fielder "Capt. Jason" for 13. Capt. Jason said he would catch out anyone else who scored so slowly too. "Two Pants" hurt his back fielding and became umpire the rest of match, apparently new piercings play murder with your back!!! Matt Conway was bowled for 17 and it was left to New Sandeep and Will Walker to score the winning runs with still 7 balls remaining; both scored 15 not out (New Sandeep scoring 8 singles on the trot!). Superstars had made 118-3. 118 but you only needed 114? Yes, confusion from the scorer saying we still needed one run resulted in an extra four runs being scored.So the stumps and Steves bag were pulled up and both teams retired to the pub for a long evening of drinking Hoorah. Reports that Jason cartwheeled his way home have been exaggerated.
A crazy game but one those who played will remember long into the future. And much fun for all.
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