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Ken Block Trophy
Thursday 8th September
6pm start
Walthamstow CC
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Team Secretary
Match Manager:
Will Walker
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Rail or Tube
Nearest station:
Wood Street
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Pub Rating:
Pub Rating Pub Rating Pub Rating Pub Rating
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Rail or Tube
Alternative station:
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Varghese Cake Rating:
Cake Rating
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Walk from station:
5 mins / 20 mins
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Superstars Record:
W3 T1 L2 A1
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Ground Walthamstow CC
48a Greenway Avenue, Walthamstow, E17 3QN.
Walthamstow Walthamstow Walthamstow Walthamstow
We first headed here in 2013 for a match versus T Sol and it's got the facilities you'd expect from a "proper" club (bar, nets, decent pitch etc). Nice place hidden away in relatively central London.
Ground's Website
Changing Rooms
Pavilion Area
Bar in ground
Pitch covers
Arrow Directions
From Walthamstow it takes about 20 minutes, from Wood Street 5 minutes.
The trip from Walthamstow Central is not terrible. Turn right out of the Tube station onto Hoe Street, then do a left onto Orford Street then right onto Church Road. From there cross into Vallentin Rd until you reach Wood Street Station. From WOOD STREET STATION head down Upper Walthamstow Rd andd turn right into Greenway Avenue. The ground straight ahead up a little slope.
Local Map
BR Logo Wood Street Tube Logo Walthamstow Central
Zone 3 - Walthamstow Central, Zone 4 - Wood Street
Barry Rail Enquiries
Barry recommends the Victoria Line to Walthamstow Central, if you get lucky get the train to Wood Street otherwise walk.
The trains from Walthamstow Central are at 1233, 1248, 1303, 1318 and 1333.
The return trains are every 15 minutes to Walthamstow or Liverpool St until 2332.
Arrow Record v Treasury Solictors
Won 3 Tied 1 Lost 2 Abandoned 1 Cancelled 7 Result Unknown 2
2015: Cancelled because Paul G mixed up dates (idiot)
2014: Tied tiringly (Report)
2013: Won by 3 wickets (Report)
2012 Re-arranged: Cancelled
2012: Cancelled
2011: Cancelled
2010: Won by 5 runs
2009: Cancelled
2008: Lost by 27 runs (Report)
2007: Result unknown
2006 Match 2: Cancelled
2006 Match 1: Lost
2005: Result unknown
2004: Abandoned
2002: Cancelled
2000: Won
Arrow Varghese Cake Rating
The Varghese Cake Rating is the official rating system for cricket teas. Further details can be found here-
We do not have tea at Walthamstow so this ground unfortunately does not have a Varghese Cake Rating. For now. This means the rating is "Oliver Twist"
Cake Rating
Arrow Pub Rating
The bar has Sky Sports and pensioners playing dominoes - what's not to like?
A 4 pint glass rating
Pub Rating gap Pub Rating gap Pub Rating gap Pub Rating
Arrow Match Manager Duties
The Match Manager collects availabilities and then informs the selection committee (smirk) who is available. We have a rolling panel of Match Managers (because no individual would do it alone!). For this game the Match Manager is-
Will Walker
The full list of Match Managers is available on the 2015 Fixture List
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