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Ken Block Trophy
This "captain's assessment of the team for 1992" was originally written by Pete Frost, so could any lawsuits be directed to him please.
Player 1. Barry Gigg
What can I say that he hasn't said already. Topped the batting averages with 79 and winner of 3 MoM awards.
Player 2. Steve Meyler
Not one of his best seasons despite 2 MoM awards. Hopefully he will be able to patch it up with the missus and stop running himself out next year so he can get home early. Sorry Steve.
3. Linden Francis
It's nice to know we have one member of the team who we can count on. Thanks for turning up.
4. Gary Bartholomew
An average of 12.8 and dropped on at least 6 occasions, Need I say more. Must be fearing the chop next year.
Superstars Logo 5. Ken Block
Next year's captain - what a fine player and good all round bloke. The mainstay of the team in batting, bowling, fielding and anything else I can think of (lick lick). 2nd in batting averages and top wicket taker and catcher.
Player 6. Andy Jacobs
Disappointed season for the bearded blunder, only occasionally showed glimpses of the Andy we know in his bowling and never got going with the bat.
Player 7. Phil Patten
Topped the bowling averages thanks to his 5-22 at Chiswick in the final game. Always said he was lucky clown [may not have been the exact word used originally].
Player 8. Tony Whitrod
Played for the opposition most of the time (even when he was on our side!) and never won a game when against is which must prove something. His lowest batting average for some time although he still wants me to include his scores for OSD and BOC. (No chance!) Has improved his bowling through this year though.
Superstars Logo 9. Steve Carter
The return of the Carter. His best season ever after being threatened with the axe including his best ever of 35. Well done!
10. Mike Kamellard
Robbed of the best bowling average by Phil, Mike's occasional performances were up to their usual standard when he wasn't moaning about his knee or his back or the fact he never gets a bat.
Player 11. Tom Wilson
Not such a good year with the ball as in previous seasons but still managed 7 wickets. Will he ever stutter the run up again!
12. Paul Goff
Useful debutant with ball (yet another military medium). Looks better than his averages suggest thanks to three dropped catches by various dipsticks.
13. "Len"
In love.
14. Gary Tavender and Paul Frost
Not sure what the gag is here
15. Pete Frost
Late lamented captain. Finished his stint with best ever season (P10 W9 L1). Hopes to be selected next year (at least let me get my 50 wickets!)
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