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Ken Block Trophy
This report was originally written by Ken Block, so could any lawsuits be directed to him please.
Player 1. Tony 'Moaner' Whitrod
Not a very good season for Tony, with either bat or ball. Even so he managed to pick up two Man of the Match awards, although one of them was classed as a non-average couting game. He was also nominated for various other negative awards, which earned him the title of 'Superstars Mr Personality'.
Player 2. Pete 'Wisden' Frost
Superstars ex-skipper only played a few matches this season, but managed to be the first bowler to pass 50 wickets. It is hoped that he will be able to play more games in 1994.
3. Gary 'Fagash' Bartholomew
A disappointing season for Gary with the bat, only scoring 87 runs all season, but he did manage to improve his fielding this year, including an impressive one handed stop at mid-on. Needs a bit more practice for next season, running between the wickets is still a problem. By the way, I didn't tell Steve Carter what you said.
Player 4. Phil 'Columbus' Patten
Had a terrible start to the season and looked like he was going to be the most expensive bowler Superstars had, but he managed to find his form and ended up being bowler of the year. He unfortunately missed a few games this season, mainly due to work committments. He earned his nickname by turning up at Greenwich, when the match was at Chiswick. He didn't bat much this year, and when he did bat well, it was not counted in the averages.
Player 5. Mike 'Steady' Kamellard
A very good season for Mike. He bowled very well this season, and was without doubt, Superstars most accurate bowler. With a bit more luck would pick up more wickets than he did. He also shared in two record stands with the bat, although one of them was beaten later in the season. A good year for Mike with bat, ball and in the field.
6. Paul Goff
Only played a couple of games this season, and only managed to pick up one wicket. He seemed to have problems with his run up this season. Had to miss a number of games due to a knee injury.
Player 7. Andy Jacobs
Another player who had a good season this year. He was the second player this season to claim five wickets in a match and managed to take more wickets this season than in previous years. Andy alsdo managed to end up top of the batting averages for the season, but declined batsman of the year award because he felt that Barry should have it. He also fielded very well.
Player 8. Tom Wilson
Not one of Tom's best seasons although he still managed to take twelve wickets. I can't remember a season when Tom has failed to grab less than ten wickets. He bowled the second highest amount of overs this season, but was inconsistent. He probably suffered due to a skipper taking him off when he was bowling well, and bowling him too long when he wasn't. Tom managed to bat at least twice this year, which is a rarety for him, and proved that he is no mug with the bat. Needs to attack the ball more when fielding.
Player 10. Steve 'Sicknote' Meyler
Superstars second highest scorer this year, with 275 runs, and the highest scorer since records were kept, with 729 runs. He should reach his thousands runs next season if he continues with his effective style of batting. One of the Superstars most popular butts of the joke, especially the skipper's. Despite all of this, still manages to smile through. His nickname has been earned because of his knack of injuring himself while fielding. He always manages to recover if he has to bat.
Player 11. Barry 'run machine' Gigg
Superstars highest scoring batsman this season with 293 runs, and Steve Meyler's main contender for the first player to reach a thousand runs, but has played fewer matches than Steve, 13 to be precise. Barry has had another great season with the bat, he also manages to keep wicket very well. If Barry and Steve fail with the bat Superstars usually struggle to reach 100.
12. Gary 'i'm back' Tavender
Only managed a handful of games, but looked on good form. Would have recieved bowler of the year award if he had played more matches. Hopefully he will be able to play more next season.
13. Tony 'supersub' Evans
Superstars most reliable player. He will always turn out if asked, and probably deserves to be asked more often. A useful player to have as he can move the ball both ways, which our other left arm bowler hasn't managed yet.
14. James 'LBW king' Vickers
Had a great start to the season, and looked as if he was going to destroy all the bowling he faced, but couldn't maintain his early promise. He managed to score a 50 not out in his first season, so the potential is there. Must learn to get forward rather than back, and should brush up on his catching. One to watch for next season.
Player 15. Neil 'Turned a Mile' Benn
Neil has impressed everybody this season with his bowling, and managed to winkle out some of the better batsemn for his slow left arm bowling. Needs to experiment with the ball, to move it both ways. If he masters that it is likely that he will take a lot more wickets. He has been one of the most consistent fielders this season. He also has shown he can be quite useful with the bat. Neil played a few matches for the opposition sides this season and troubled quite a few Superstars players. One person who won't forget him in a hurry was Gary Barth.
Superstars Logo 16. Steve 'Player of the Year' Carter
Had his best season with the bat ever this season, scoring 166 runs, the first time he has scored over 150 runs in a season. He has impressed everybody with his commitment. This is reflected in the fact that he was voted Superstars Player of the Year. The people who voted for him, did so with comments like "Steve's batting this season has been an inspiration to me. For flip's sake don't tell him I said that", "Steve always gives 100 per cent, even when he mucks up, he does it with with 100 per cent effort". He also manages to deputise for Barry behind the stumps very much.
17. Terry Carter (thankfully no relation)
A useful player for matches played at Chiswic. He is always willing to play and is useful with the bat and a wicket keeper.
Superstars Logo 18. Ken Block
(Compiled by Phil Patten) - Took over the captaincy (from the sorely missed erm, you know, that blond haired wally, the has-been) and led the team well in the field and carried on the tradition of giving everyone a bat or bowl. Put in a lot of hard work organising the games and informing players, even though I swear he said GREENWICH. Some snides have suggested that he put himself on to bowl at 'convenient times'. What rubbish! Anyone who takes the wickets of such quality players as Kentish, Hyland and Gillian (female) is not afraid of good batsmen. Who is the only bowler this season to have claimed the wicket of 'Dangerous' Ian Gooday - step forward EL CAPITANO.
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