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Ken Block Trophy
This report was originally written by Ken Block, captain at the time.
Another successful season for Superstars Cricket Club and the added bonus of some high personal achievements by various Superstars players.
We managed to play 15 games this year, losing only one, which emulates the last season that Pete Frost captained the side. We had five fixtures cancelled due to bad weather and train strikes. In most of the matches we played, we dominated the opposition, and only came close to losing in about three matches. Of the teams we played, BOC's provided no real opposition losing the series to us 6-0, with one game cancelled, Dodgers who we beat 2-0, with one cancelled, the second game being close, DST who we beat 2-1, 1 game cancelled, they nearly beat uis in the first game of the season . With wins against OSD, Lewisham Police, Heritage and a Darren Cooper XI also, it all added up to a great season.
The season was also notable for some high personal performance. Barry Gigg became the first player to reach a 1000 runs overall, and finished the season with a batting average of 100 runs and over 50 all time, Phil Patten took 23 wickets, the largest haul ever in a season, Neil Benn achieved a bowling hat trick in our last game, Andy Jacobs scored his highest ever score of 71 not out and Mike Taylor took 11 catches, 4 in the last match to head the seasons catching league. Several record batting partnerships were set as well. From a team point of view, I felt that we performed better than ever, and there was also a great atmosphere amoungst the team.
I have really enjoyed playing this season and hope to carry on next year in the same vein. I am currently looking at our fixtures, with a view to playing stronger sides, as I think our performances this year have shown that this is neccessary.
On the following pages you will find a review of the players, this has been compiled by Phil, except his own, which was done by Neil Benn, so no blame should be attached to me, and anyway you probably deserve it. You will also find the match statistics (game by game), this seasons, and all time averages for batting, bowling and catching, and a special statistical analysis by Neil Benn.
Enjoy your winter break, have a good Christmas, and if I don't see you before, I'll see you in April 1995.
Ken Block.
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