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This report was originally written by Barry Gigg, captain at the time. All legal actions should be directed to him.
The season started early this year with regular trips to the nets at the Oval. Mike Taylor found the conditions particularly to his liking and regularly clattered the stumps - Tim's spring to mind.. Jason used it as an opportunity to brush up on his technique - on a couple of busty Australians. No wonder his bowling frequently disppeared into the outback. We started the season without the (e)steemed Ken and Hoggie but Ken's absence on the field meant that someone else could take all the dollies and Paul's departure meant fewer runs were given away. However the stats kindly produced by Ken have never looked better - except when I used to top them. Matt peaked in the first match of the season - a fifty against Dodgers but rarely troubled the bowlers again with his rather expensive but rubbish bat. Adrian Ward looked like a player for the future until his untimely move to Customs and was never heard of again. Still, Tom was back twirling away and outpacing Patten in the field. The tour was a great success, off the field, as we were given a sound thrashing wherever we played. Phil was particularly economical, averaging 1.2 lost balls per over. Only Neil Priest scored any runs, just as well for him as he was playing on his own ground. The rest us struggled for form - must have been the cheap beer. Barth got a wicket in the game against Jordans and rightly realised that it couldn't get any better than that so he didn't leave the hotel for the rest of the weekend. Much thanks I am sure you will agree to Neil's dad for sorting out all the arrangements.
On our return the Highways Agency were swatted aside - this featured an impressive half century by debut boy Richard Abigail and a strategic 48 from Jonty as always. Against Ealing their opener made 129 and we never got anywhere near their total although Mike Taylor did score 58 not out batting at number 6. A 20 over game against Dodgers resulted in a comfortable win for us - marred only by Sian's antics - she bowled me. In the next Dodgers encounter we witnessed the best batting performance of the season (from a Grade 7) with a fluent 46 by Tim, aided by our new no 3 bat Mr Whitrod who made a slow, for him, 59. A shame then that Tim has decided to single handedly reverse the flood south by moving with his wife and bairns to Edinburgh. Against Stumpless Matt bowled us to victory and Siva scored his only runs of the season - 32. He might have scored more over the season but he often never made it to the other end - but it was not his fault you understand. Matt did score 60 against BOCS but then again Stevie Carter scored a career best 35 on one leg. This career threatening injury but Steve out for the season - well it would have been career threatening if he had one. Phil, not one to look a gift horse or ladyboy in the mouth, took 4 valuable wickets. A Dodgers highpoint of the season, except presumably for Henry, was their (only) victory against us on the 13 July. It had its moments though, with Tony "I'm not a bowler" getting 5 wickets, Simon Gundry scoring a belligerent 35 and best of all Jonty being run out without facing a ball. A run of five defeats followed including one by Yogesh's Highway's (Ed - sic) Agency team where Siva got 5-18, shame about the run out. By mid August morale was at a low ebb and Dodgers were out to continue to our bad run. But cometh the hour so cometh the man without any proper kit, yes Tony, who rewrote the the Superstars record books with a splendid 108 not out, Patten's response by email to this was just "arrgghhh". We made 220 and Dodgers batted just as well getting over 200.
With confidence restored we promptly lost another versus CENTYMCA. Our international chess master, Andrew Ledger had been bowling well all season and took another 3 wickets in this game, definitely rookie of the year. Jason capped a fine, well just capped actually as he headed the ball with said cap and was dismissed by Mike for obstruction. This gave us all a good laugh and the anoraks among us an excuse to bore the pants off eveybody with our knowledge of the cricket rules (sic). In our final game against Dodgers, Neil reached 50 as usual but some tight bowling all round restricted them to 163. With a 4 an over target Steve Lomas came into his own, scoring his first 50 for Superstars (I think) while Mike chipped in with 1 not out to secure victory. As always Terry Carter had a vibrant season and keeps on going, I think that's what Ros said. Thanks also to Dave who made it into double figures this year, Nick who helped us out when we were short and to Chris Smith who showed great committment and no little skill.
While the results didn't always go our way it was another enjoyable year and I hope you all get the cricket bug and come back for next season.
Barry Gigg Cheers, Barry
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