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Green Sox (W)
2015 was an enjoyable season for Superstars with a winning record of 17-7 but a frustrating 13 cancellations for various reasons including 2 for tube strikes and 1 because Paul Gaught is a numpty. The big shock was the lack of a tie, probably after a crackdown by Superstars' own Corruption Unit. It's worth noting that one player has not played for the club this year (except on tour where the corruption unit finished their work) and another had serious shoulder and back injuries. Obviously I won't name Mike Taylor and Steve Meyler in this regard.
Amid the corruption investigations a wonderful tour of Wiltshire started the season. We were thankful to club legend and Man of Wiltshire Mike Taylor and club near-legend Richard Abigail for the excellent fixtures and hotel. The highlights of tour were Alok breaking his own best ever Superstars bowling figures for the second tour in a row, being fed by Bishops Cannings, scoring runs against Mike Taylor, Will and Jim's batting and Steve finding some suitable photo opportunities.
Having escaped the country without annoying too many farmers we returned to the smoke to start the 'regular' season. Unfortunately due to rain (x3), an opposition cock up and a groundsman cock up we only played two further games in May. A farcial victory over 7 man LU Engineering and a surprisingly easy win against one of our many bogey sides RSSB. The Abbey Rec groundsman not turning up for the first Dodgers match of the season was annoying and embarrassing.
In fact the whole Ken Block Trophy series was cursed with only one match (a re-arranged 2020) being played. The other two were cancelled because Dodgers couldn't raise a side and because of a tube strike. Game 2 however was a victory for Superstars which means, in rather unforfilling circumstances, we won the series 1-0. This year may need an asterix in the official record.....
June saw a mixture of old friends (a loss against DEFRA, a surprise win against Commons Old Boys) and new opponents (Chessington Allstars already appear to be a favourite fixture for many Superstars). George Osborne was directly responsible for DWP being unable to make our fixture but we mananged a respectable 7 matches in the month.
July bought on one of the performances of year beating the usually strong Ad Hoc by over 80 runs with new signing George Moore, Rick Smith and Vijay Anand starring in a commanding 154 on a dodgy pitch. Later in the month there was a disappointing 4th place in the Bank of England Tournament but the very next day a beautiful day and a win over Jason and his athletic mates put smiles on faces and beers down necks.
August bought us a good charity tournament, raising over £200 for Honeypot, and a controversial win at LSE Kings with Matt C bringing the mankad debate back and Adam batting beautifully. We ended the season with three victories but a hapless cancellation after Paul mistook the word "Thursday" for the word "Wednesday".
Another cracking season, if rather punctured by those 13 cancellations (including 3 Ken Block Trophy games), thank you to those who do stuff like Adam (stats), Barry (virtually everything), Will (Chairmanlike inspiration), Mike and Rich (tour) and Steve Meyler (keeping spirits high).
Winter well, hopefully see you at the social and then it will be March nets before you know it. Here's to 2016, known in the Chinese Calendar as "The Year of the Bungle".
Paul Gaught
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