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A Tale of Two Cities, a novel by some chancer called Dickens, starts with the gobbledegoop "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". The 2018 Superstars season can may be make sense of this gobbledegoop - results wise it was the worst of times (with one of the worst sets of results this century) but in terms of fielding players, having good fun, a glorious hot, sunny summer and breaking boundaries (not cricketing ones) it was a huge success.
The season started, after a false start, with a hastily arranged tour(ish) to Surrey. With so many players living relatively locally many didn't stay over but we were thankful for long sunny days and nice (if rather good!) opponents. Two overseas pros turned out against us and earned their cash but I wouldn't exactly called it "hard earned" given they'd be playing in the Premier Division of some league or another on Saturdays. Still two barbecues and Matthew Conway's 5,000th run for the club were highlights.
After a last ball loss to Epsom Superstars finally got a win after dropping skipper Barry Gigg and relying on the batting technique of 13 year old Harry Forman in a one wicket win. There followed three wins, two over Green Sox and a 27 run victory over old friendly- rivals Dodgers.
There followed a seven match losing streak (time to check the stats records) including a heartbreaking loss to Dodgers, an embarrassing 39 all out against Bricklayers Arms and a loss to Kings Road despite Mark Wood's 4-0-7-6 which became the club's best-ever bowling figures.
In early July two set piece events in the Superstars calendar with the charity 6s raising a whopping over £1,000 (amazing) and a silver medal at the Bank of England tournament. The rest of the July was inconsistent with the team alternating between loss and win.
August began with an embrassing 10 wicket loss to Treasury with Superstars bowled out for 36 in a new record low total score. The major positive was the debut of Natalie Daniels, who became our first female player (welcome to the 21st Century Superstars!). After two thrashings and a rare victory August ended with a huge match against Dodgers and in a truly classic match our Superstar heroes lost by a demoralising one wicket.
May be Superstars should declare cricket a winter sport as their form in September was excellent with a thumping win over Green Sox (a 3-0 "Greenwash") and a thrilling 2 wicket win in the final game against Prince's Head.
While results may not have been brilliant it was a cracking season really with numerous highlights and a lot of fun.
Winter well, hopefully see you at the social (9 November) and then it will be March nets before you know it. Here's to 2019, known in Thai folklore as "The Year of the club who nicks it logo from a cult 1970s TV show".
Paul Gaught
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