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Friday 17th October 2003, 6.00pm, Civil Service Social Club, Chadwick St
Mike Taylor, Steve Meyler, Barry Gigg, Phil Patten, Richard Abigail, Simon Gundry, Steve Carter, Jason Marchant,Matt Conway, Colin Davey, Ken Block.
Steve Lomas, Pete Frost, Paul Andrews, Andrew Tucker.
Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
These were agreed. There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report
The Chairman thanked the Captain, Secretary, Treasurer and Fixture Secretaries for their hard work behind the scenes over the season. He thanked club members for their continued support and also members of Dodgers CC for their co-operation. Once again it had been another successful year on the pitch (played 28, won 19, lost 6, drawn 2) and he looked forward to an equally successful season next year. The team contained a good mix of abilities and everyone had fitted in well including those new members who had joined by way of a successful recruitment campaign at the start of the season. The fixture list was excellent and contained a good range of teams of varying abilities. The team had also successfully represented SPARTA at the Corporate Games, winning all three of its matches. It had also successfully retained the 6-a-side cricket trophy at the SPARTA Sports Day. He praised the club for its role in enhancing inter-departmental and departmental team spirit and promoting sport for all. He also congratulated those players who had won awards this year.
Treasurer's Report
The provisional accounts were considered and looked in order. The accounts had not been audited as Trophies still had to be purchased. Once this was done they would be formally audited and sent to SPARTA before the end of the year. Next years proposed SPARTA bid was also considered and approved (subject to any necessary subsequent amendments).
Election of Officers
Nominations were received as set out in Motion 3 (below). This motion was carried. Two other changes were agreed by unanimous vote. Ken Block replaced Steve Meyler as fixture secretary (though Steve would assist Ken in this work). Richard Abigail stood down as a committee member to be replaced by Matt Conway (nominated by S Carter, seconded by B Gigg). Richard Abigail was elected Auditor (nominated by S Carter, seconded by B Gigg). The Committee thanked the outgoing Auditor, Tom Wilson, for his work in this role over the years. A letter of thanks to this effect would be sent by the Chairman in due course. The elected officers were therefore-
ChairmanSteve Carter
SecretaryMike Taylor
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryKen Block
Committee MembersJason Marchant, Simon Gundry, Matt Conway, Phil Patten
AuditorRichard Abigail
Club CaptainBarry Gigg
Four motions were received, all nominated and seconded by Ken Block and Steve Meyler respectively (except for motion 3 which was seconded by Michael Taylor). They were as follows-
Motion 1 - That the post of Vice Captain be officially recognised by being elected at each years AGM. Motion carried.
Motion 2 That if the above motion is passed, then we nominate Mike Taylor for the Vice Captains position for 2004. Motion carried.
Motion 3 We nominate Barry Gigg as Captain and Treasurer, Mike Taylor as Secretary, Steve Carter as Chair, and Steve Meyler as fixture Secretary for 2004 season, providing all are willing to stand again. Motion carried (except that Ken Block replaced Steve Meyler as fixture secretary (see para 6 above).
Motion 4 - We propose that the end of season averages, batting and bowling, should have a minimum amount of 5 games played added to the existing qualifications of 100 runs and 10 wickets respectively. In view of the fact that on occasions matches are cancelled or abandoned, it would be fair to include these in players' qualification for matches provided the players have been officially picked for them. Motion carried.
A further motion was proposed at the meeting, nominated by Matt Conway and seconded by Steve Meyler, as follows-
That in order for a match to qualify in the clubs statistical returns, the minimum number of fielding players will be 9. If there is less than this then the Captain and Vice Captain on the day will decide whether the match should qualify. Motion carried.
Arrangements for 2004 Season
It was agreed that if possible the number of fixtures for next year should be similar to this year. It was stressed that Ken Block puts a lot of hard work into arranging fixtures each season and members should make similar efforts to make themselves available for these.
Any Other Business
Members noted that advance motions had not been circulated prior to the AGM. This was not a requirement of the constitution, but it was agreed that this should be amended to require such motions to be circulated at least 7 days before the AGM. Members agreed to arrange another advertising campaign in March/April to recruit new players. Simon Gundry would circulate a poster to the same members who had arranged for these to be placed in their respective buildings last year. It was agreed that club subscriptions would remain the same for the coming year. Tour arrangements to Lancashire for the coming season were in hand. Ken Block and Steve Meyler were arranging the fixtures while Simon Gundry and Richard Abigail agreed to arrange accommodation. The club would look into arranging the occasional match at a venue other than Chiswick to add a bit of variety. If possible a pitch would be booked at the Bank of England and Battersea Park. Nets have been booked at the Oval for pre-season practice, starting Tuesday 2nd March. It was agreed that the club would look into putting forward a team for next years Corporate Games and the London 6-a-side tournament, the former being subject to SPARTAs agreement.
Members agreed that the club constitution was becoming a bit old and could do with amending to bring it up to date. Matt Conway agreed to look at this and to circulate an amended constitution in due course. The Committee would consider these amendments with a view to formal agreement.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.30.
Mike Taylor, Secretary
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