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Time and Place
Friday 20 January 2006, 6.00pm, Civil Service Social Club, Chadwick St
Mike Taylor, Steve Meyler, Barry Gigg, Richard Abigail, Simon Gundry, Colin Davey, Paul Gaught, Jason Marchant, Will Walker, Michael Duggan.
Ken Block, Steve Carter, Phil Patten, Matt Conway, Mike Kamellard, Steve Lomas, Paul Andrews, Billy Denyer, Cathal Rock, Daniel Weyman, Peter Apostolou.
Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
These were agreed. There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report
The Chairman was absent from the meeting. However he had written to the AGM to thank committee members for all their work during the season.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited and would be submitted to SPARTA as soon as possible. Members noted that there had been a relatively large underspend over the year. The Treasurer explained that this had been down to an anticipated significant increase in CSSC pitch fees which had not materialised. He explained that this underspend accounted for the fact that this years bid to SPARTA was lower than usual. Notwithstanding this, the bid reflected the need to spend more than last year on kit (which had deteriorated further over that time). It also reflected a bid for software which would be used to both consolidate historical statistical data and enhance the clubs ongoing statistical requirements. It was estimated that the software required would cost approximately 100 but that it would last for at least three years. The information would record individual and club achievements and be used in determining the recipients of a number of annual trophies. The bid was approved by members unchanged.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. It was considered that it would be appropriate to nominate a further member of the committee. Paul Gaught was proposed by Barry Gigg and seconded by Simon Gundry. The appointment was agreed unanimously. Ken Block had written to the AGM asking whether they wished him to continue organising fixtures. This was agreed unanimously. Other committee members were re-elected unopposed. Elected officers are as follows-
ChairmanSteve Carter
SecretaryMike Taylor
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryKen Block
Committee MembersJason Marchant, Simon Gundry, Phil Patten, Paul Gaught
AuditorRichard Abigail
Club CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainMatt Conway
No further motions were recieved or discussed.
Arrangements for 2006 Season
Nets had been arranged at the Oval for pre-season practice, starting on 28 February. It was agreed that fixtures for the coming year should be similar to last year. Members were encouraged to notify the fixture secretary of their availability as soon as possible after they are e-mailed. It would be helpful if members could respond even if they are not available. This is useful as, in the event that we are short of players, the person organising the fixture does not have to e-mail people who have not initially responded to find out if they have any intention of playing. Any members not sure whether they are available should just say so. It was agreed that the captain on the day would provide his mobile number on the teamsheet so that players could contact him in the event of trains running late etc.
Any Other Business
Members agreed to arrange another advertising campaign in February/March to recruit new players. Barry would circulate a poster to the following members for distribution in their respective buildings. Jason GMH; Richard Ashdown House; Will Southside; Simon Eland House. The posters should include the names of all the above contacts with the name of the specific building representative coming first. It was agreed that club subscriptions would remain the same for the coming year. Tour arrangements to Somerset for the coming season were in hand. One fixture had been confirmed and three provisionally booked. Matt Conway had agreed to arrange accommodation. Wells or Shepton Mallett were the desired locations. New signatories for the clubs bank account were required as one existing signatory was now living in Yorkshire and the other would soon be leaving ODPM. Michael Taylor was proposed by Barry Gigg and seconded by Simon Gundry. Simon Gundry was proposed by Paul Gaught and seconded by Richard Abigail. This was unanimously agreed. The club would once again look to put forward a team for next years Corporate Games subject to SPARTAs agreement.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.15.
Mike Taylor, Secretary
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