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Friday 18 January 2008, 6.00pm, Civil Service Social Club, Chadwick St
Mike Taylor, Steve Meyler, Barry Gigg, Paul Gaught, Chris Mountain, Jason Marchant, Richard Abigail.
Ken Block, Matt Conway, Steve Evison, Sandeep Kumar, Steve Carter, Colin Davey, Will Walker, Phil Patten, Paul Andrews, James Allen-Perry, Daryl Lloyd, Paul Dyett, Simon Gundry, Merv Aranha.
Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
These were agreed. No immediate action had been taken regarding obtaining a software package to record statistical information. This is addressed in the Chairman?s report below.
Chairman's Report
I was elected as the new Chairman in the last AGM and consequently this is my first annual report. The club has now been running for over 20 years and the club has continued its ethos of welcoming new players of any standard and given each player the opportunity of making a contribution on the pitch. I strongly believe this has been one of the biggest factor in our continue success as a club. This alone is obviously not enough and I wish to thank the committee for their continued hard work both on and off the pitch.
Pre-season nets again proved very popular. Not only does it give the chance for squad members to impress on their Captain of their bowling and batting skills (I suspect this is why Barry never calls on me to bowl anymore!) but also provides an opportunity for potential new players to meet and greet current players.
Our annual tour was once again extremely enjoyable this year playing matches around the Cotswold area. It was unfortunate that one of the teams cancelled our first fixture at very short notice. I know, from experience, this can be unpleasant to relay the information back to your team mates and in no way can undermine the very hard work Paul put into arranging the fixtures. Barry arranged the accommodation for the weekend just outside Cheltenham and it was ideally placed for our other 2 matches. Our first match at Guiting Power was unforgettable. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was stunning. The opposition was extremely friendly and very accommodating by letting all of our team member play a part in the match. We must have done something right as their team captain contacted me later in the season to see if would like to play them again in our next tour. Our next match was against Redmarley which was a very close game. Perhaps we were taking this match a little more serious but I felt that we may not have endeared ourselves to the opposition. I?d like to think this was a one off and I hope we can ensure future matches are played in the best of spirits.
Ken had again provided us with a full and varied fixture list which the players are indebted to. The season, however, was constantly interrupted by some awful weather which also affected our regular Sport Day?s six a side tournament. We had been successful in this tournament over a number of years and were ready a field a second Superstar?s team for the first time. We had notable successes in other matches and events including winning the 4 Departmental Associations Tournament which helped SPARTA to win the overall trophy once again. For the first time in a number of seasons, we had problems raising enough players to play in some of our afternoon fixtures and as a result we had to let down a couple of sides. This may have been a result of a number of stalwarts being injured or away for some of the season. We don?t know a present whether any new crop of players are more than happy to play afternoon matches but as a precaution for next season I welcome the recommendation that we only include one match a week if it is an afternoon one. We can always review this during the forthcoming season and make adjustment accordingly.
It was very unfortunate during the season that our current scorebook was mislaid. Firstly, thank you to everyone who endeavored to retrieve missing stats. Secondly, this has highlighted the importance to the club of our statistics and our apparent lack of resilience. Software purchase costs were approved in our last annual budget meeting with SPARTA and I have failed to ensure that this package has been deployed on Ken?s computer. I have already arranged to visit Ken next Wednesday 23 January 2008 to rectify this.
Paul was good enough to set up a Superstar?s email address last year and I would like to encourage the use of this for the future (the address is I would also like to utilise some web space so Ken can upload statistics and give visibility to anyone with a web browser. I would be grateful if we could identify someone within the club who would be keen to take this up.
With the possible introduction of new and younger members, I feel it would be prudent to purchase at least one helmet for the forthcoming season. Many younger players are use to wearing helmets which may in the past have been part of their previous club?s inventory. I am grateful to Chris who once again organised the end of season social. My congratulations to the winners of the main awards for Batsman, Bowler and Player of year, Will Walker, Simon Gundry and Paul Gaught respectively. It has been an honour to be your Chairman over the last year and I look forward to the new season.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited. Expenditure for the year had been largely as anticipated. The bid for 2008 was approved by members unchanged.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. The committee was re-elected unopposed. Elected officers are as follows-
ChairmanSteve Meyler
SecretaryMike Taylor
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryKen Block
Committee MembersJason Marchant, Simon Gundry, Phil Patten, Paul Gaught, Chris Mountain.
AuditorRichard Abigail
Club CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainMatt Conway
No further motions were recieved or discussed.
Arrangements for 2008 Season
The fixture secretary, Ken Block, had written to the AGM saying that he was happy to continue to arrange the annual fixture list, but he no longer wished to be responsible for canvassing players for weekly fixtures. Paul Gaught kindly agreed to take on this role. Could members please notify Paul of their availability as soon as possible after they are e-mailed. It would be helpful if members could respond even if they are not available. This is useful as, in the event that we are short of players, the organiser does not have to e-mail people who have not initially responded to find out if they have any intention of playing.
Members had already arranged for adverts to appear in tea points in an attempt to recruit new players. Nets had been arranged at the Oval for pre-season practice, starting on 4 March. It was agreed that club subscriptions would remain the same for the coming year.
Any Other Business
Initial inquiries into a possible tour to East Essex had been unsuccessful. However, Chris Mountain informed the AGM that he may be able to arrange a tour to Hertfordshire and had made some positive preliminary inquiries regarding fixtures and accommodation. The Civil Service Benevolant Fund had asked whether the club would be prepared to raise funds for them as part of the tour (as we had done a number of years previously). The Club agreed to consider this.
The club would once again aim to put forward teams for the SPARTA and 4DAs sports days and would aim to support SPARTA at other events where possible. Chris Mountain had been made aware of the ECB website which enabled individual clubs to enter their details in a designated club area. In the event that the stats package mentioned above was not taken forward then this could be a useful alternative. It could also be run in parallel if necessary and could include additional information such as match reports, fixtures lists and players profiles. Jason kindly agreed to look into obtaining some decent cricket balls for the coming season.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.20.
Mike Taylor, Secretary
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