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Time and Place
Friday 23 January 2015, 5.30pm, Great Monster House, London.
Paul Gaught (Temporary Chair), Jason Marchant (Secretary), Barry Gigg, Richard Abigail, Matt Conway, Will Walker, Ian Moxon, Michael Duggan, Simon Gundry, Gary Plahe, Richard Smith, Steve Meyler (via conference call, to his surprise, for the opening item). .
Jamie Ratcliff, Will Spry, Mike Kamellard, Mike Taylor, Harish Kumar, Alok Singh, Roy Varghese, Vijay Anand, Errol Barnett, Chris Mountain, Mervyn Aranha.
Minutes of the last meeting
These were agreed with a slight amendment to change "baby Gaught" to "baby Gaught-Allen".
Matters arising
There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report
The following report was given by Paul Gaught in the absence of chairman, Chris Mountain. A separate chairman's leaving remarks is included at Annex 50 Not Out.
Considering the current economic climate and the reducing number of players playing the game recreationally, it has been uplifting that Superstars have continued to recruit new members and have remained a strong club with a good player base. This is in no small part to all the good work the committee and players themselves have done in supporting each other in running the club and encouraging and supporting new players.
It seems the right point to thank all those involved in running the club in 2014. Obviously Barry's organisation and financial duties (even more important now the club faces cuts through no fault of its own) are key to the club. Jim's excellent organisation of the Club's Tour made it one of the best tours ever, with beautiful grounds, a good hotel, decent pubs and likable opponents - it even let me live out a childhood dream by beating Halstead. We look forward to Mike trying to match or even surpass it this coming year when we visit Wiltshire. The committee, who these days take on temporary team secretary duties, should all be thanked as should Penny, Mary and Benedicta who produced another top drawer tea at Dartford. Finally Adam's comprehensive and entertaining stats proved yet again that stats are the new rock 'n' roll.
On the pitch there have been ups and downs. Our Constable Country Tour saw us complete a very rare "winning tour" with 3 victories from 4 games congratulations to Simon and Alok for some magnificent match winning performances. However the 3-0 Ken Block Trophy loss to Dodgers was a clear low point and hopefully we shall bring the trophy back home (!) in 2015. The season was also notable for three tied matches which hopefully shows we are playing against sides of a similar standard if nothing else. Congratulations to Alok who was Player of the Year and won virtually everything of note at the awards night - I believe Will and Simon sneaked trophy wins too.
Off the pitch we gradually moved away from playing games at Chiswick due to the spiralling pitch costs, which was a real shame. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Barry's father and both Jason's parents. Joyce Marchant, in particular, will be missed at the Dartford match in the future. In more positive news we welcomed Oliver Gaught-Allen, Ruby Ratcliff and Inigo Walker into the Superstars Academy.
Finally the highlight in my eyes was the charity 6 a side where we (with the help of our friends) raised over £600 for the wonderful Make A Wish Foundation. It was one of the rare days it made one proud to be a Superstar!
I look forward to the coming season with more new players, the same old faces and probably about 17 tied matches.
Paul Gaught - Covering in the Chairman Vacuum.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited. The Treasurer went through the details of income and expenditure and the forthcoming SPARTA bid. Due to higher costs to the club, such as £230 per pitch at Chiswick, this year's fees would be £5 per match, £5 per net and £2 annual subs. It was agreed that any player who was a Sparta member and can no longer be due to leaving or retirement should pay the club an annual fee of £24. All players were reminded that if they were in DfT or CLG then they should join Sparta at a cost of £2 a month. The accounts and bid were approved by Members. It was noted that the SPARTA bid was £400 lower than last year.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. Chris Mountain was standing down as Chairman, Will Walker was nominated and elected as the new chairman (nominated by Paul Gaught and seconded by Ian Moxon). Paul Gaught was standing down as Vice-Captain due to family commitments. The post of Vice-Captain would in the future be filled on a match by match basis as and when required - this relied on match managers doing some of the work Paul often did in the final day or two to get full sides out. These appointments were agreed unanimously. Elected officers are as follows:-
ChairmanWill Walker
SecretaryJason Marchant
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryPaul Gaught
Committee MembersMike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Paul Gaught, Matt Conway, Michael Duggan, Gary Plahe, Adam Spencer, Simon Gundry, Ian Moxon, Vijay Anand, Steve Meyler.
CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainAs and when required
AuditorRichard Abigail
No motions were received.
Arrangements for 2015 Season
The fixtures arranging period is in full swing. At the time of writing we have confirmed 10 non-tour matches (3 are subject to us being able to secure a ground). This year's plan is to play afternoon home games at Imber Court and evening ones at the Abbey Recreation Ground unless someone has uncovered a better ground in our price bracket. Another 8 games are in the pipeline.
Games against Dodgers, Dartford Harriers and LSE Kings are already confirmed and can be found, alongside every other fixture and the new (hopefully) improved match previews, here That page will be updated through pre-season.
SPARTA have promised to try to get cricket included at Sports Day again after its absence last year. Sports Day is on Friday 17 July.
Any Other Business
The annual poster promotion in tea points would be arranged in an attempt to recruit new players. It was also agreed that the club would look into trying to recruit players by way of appropriate internet/web links. Jason Marchant and Will Walker would be the contacts for GMH, Simon Gundry and Paul Gaught for 2 Marsham Street, and Ian Moxon for Nobel House.
Nets had been arranged at the Oval for pre-season practice, starting on 3 March and would alternate between Tuesday one week and Wednesday the following week.
Mike Taylor had taken steps to arrange a tour to the Wiltshire area for the early May Bank Holiday. The Committee was grateful for his work in doing so. The tour is a long-standing club tradition and players are encouraged to come along to what has always proved a very enjoyable weekend. One Saturday game had already been confirmed and two others were in the process of being organised.
Those present thanked Paul Gaught for his work on the excellent Superstars website.
The club would once again aim to put forward teams for the SPARTA and 6DAs sports days and to support SPARTA at other events where possible.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.45pm.
Jason Marchant, Secretary.
Annex 50 Not Out - Chairman's Leaving Remarks
The 2014 season will live long in the memory of some thrilling finishes and the breaking of a record that we thought would never be broken.
There is no greater thrill in cricket that being involved in a match that goes down to the last ball. Win, lose or tie, the tension and drama of such a moment reminds us all why we all play this ancient and quirky game. To have 6 in a season is, on reflection, a blessing.
As a club we have shown Great Spirit this season and as always it's been an honour to play for such a friendly and supportive team.
We all appreciate that the club doesn't run itself and it's great that so many of us pitch in to help out. Many hands make light work.
My personal highlight this year was the amazing game in Walthamstow where Moxon and Abigail scrambled a 2 off the last ball to earn a tie. That game, like so many this year was memorable for a first class spell of bowling by Alok. He metronomic style frustrated and bamboozled batsmen all season. In the last game of the season, he equalled Ken Block's Superstars record for wickets in a season. I can just imagine Ken fielding in close, hands on knees, laughing as yet another batsmen flailed around the crease, desperately trying to score off Alok.
So another season is on the horizon, nets are underway, the tour is booked. As always - get your friends and colleagues involved - new blood is always needed. Turn up - and don't make the match secretaries chase you.
I'm standing down as Chairman - I didn't really do anything, so at least my spiked boots will be easy to fill!
Chris Mountain - Superstars Chairman 2014
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