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Time and Place
Wednesday 20 January 2016, 5.30pm, Great Monster House, London.
Steve Meyler, Barry Gigg, Richard Abigail, Jason Marchant, Will Walker, Ian Moxon, Paul Gaught, Gary Plahe, Richard Smith, Chris Mountain, Adam Spencer, Dan Forman.
Vijay Anand, Michael Duggan, Simon Gundry, Jamie Ratcliff, George Warren, Alok Singh, Mike Taylor, Matt Conway, John Bishop.
Minutes of the last meeting
These were agreed.
Matters arising
There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report
Chairman, Will Walker, thanked everyone who had helped the club to a very successful season with their hard work. Particular thanks went to Mike Taylor and Richard Abigail for their work on producing an excellent tour. Alok Singh galvanised the tour with his incredible performance in the opening over and he continued this performance throughout his record breaking season.
The chairman said that he believed this to be the second best season in the last 15 years with 17 wins in the 25 matches played. There was also the addition of a new team to the fixture list, Chessington Allstars, along with some personal milestones for some players such as Adam Spencer?s 100th cap, Neil Priests 1000th run for the club, (the Chairman did not mention his 3000th run for the club) and some good new talented players joining the club. Paul Gaught had once again arranged a very successful weekend charity 6's tournament.
Nets had been arranged from 2 March and 5 fixtures were already agreed for next season. A tour was being prepared to Cambridgeshire with fixtures already in the pipeline. The chairman looked forward to a successful 2016 and announced that there would be another addition to the growing academy during the season. This was greeted with equal shouts of ?congratulations? and ?cut it off? from the floor.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited. The Treasurer went through the details of income and expenditure and the forthcoming SPARTA bid. The treasurer said that last year?s bid had been reduced as SPARTA did not fund trophies, therefore he had not included trophies in this year?s bid. The treasurer said that the cost of trophies was not particularly high as he used a blind engraver in some shop in a dingy backstreet alleyway somewhere, called Len Fowler Trophies in Lambs Conduit Street Holborn (very Harry Potter I must say)!!! The treasurer reminded those present that any player who had been a Sparta member but due to leaving or retirement, could no longer be a SPARTA member should pay the club an annual fee of ?24. All players were reminded that if they were in DfT or DCLG then they should join Sparta at a cost of ?2 a month. The accounts and bid were approved by Members. It was noted that the SPARTA bid was ?9 higher that the grant from the previous year (2014/15) and more than ?400 lower than the 2013/14 grant. Subs for the 2016 season would remain at 2015 levels i.e. ?5 match subs and nets + ?2 annual subs.
The club had been approached with an offer of sponsorship by Build UK. It was still early days and so further investigation would be needed before the club could agree to accept a sponsorship deal. Action: Dan F agreed to check on the rules on declaring sponsorship.
Action: Dan Forman agreed to check on the rules on declaring sponsorship.
The problem with early season cash flow was discussed. Around ?1000 had to be paid prior to the season beginning to guarantee pitches. For the last two years Paul G had paid this and then reclaimed the money as and when the match fees were paid. This year he would be unable to fund this payment. Steve Meyler agreed to fund the payment, but everyone present agreed that a long term solution needed to found to ensure that no one person had to fund the full amount from their own personal finances.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. Will Walker was nominated and re-elected as the chairman (nominated by Steve Meyler and seconded by Paul Gaught). The following appointments were agreed unanimously along with the addition of two new members to the committee, Richard Smith and Dan Forman. Elected officers are as follows:-
ChairmanWill Walker
SecretaryJason Marchant
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryPaul Gaught
Committee MembersMike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Paul Gaught, Matt Conway, Michael Duggan, Gary Plahe, Adam Spencer, Simon Gundry, Ian Moxon, Vijay Anand, Steve Meyler, Richard Smith, Dan Forman.
CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainAs and when required
AuditorRichard Abigail
No motions were received.
Arrangements for 2016 Season
The fixtures arranging period is in full swing. At the time of writing we have confirmed 6 non-tour matches, with one only confirmed just prior to the meeting. One new team, CIPA ITMA CC, wanted a 20/20 fixture against us which would be followed by a tea. Costs for this match would be higher but were acceptable to those present. Once again the plan this year is to play afternoon home games at Imber Court and evening ones at the Abbey Recreation Ground. If anyone uncovered a better ground in our price bracket they should inform the committee. Further fixtures were in the pipeline and would be published on the website. The webpage will be updated through pre-season. Those present thanked Paul Gaught for his work on the excellent Superstars website. Tour games were almost agreed with a match on the Saturday already confirmed and matches against Jesus College and Abbots Ripton lined up for the Sunday and Monday. A pub team match was being sought for the Friday evening. 22 players had already expressed an interest in attending the tour. The Committee was grateful for the ongoing work into arranging the tour. The tour is a long-standing club tradition and players are encouraged to come along to what has always proved a very enjoyable weekend.
A legends game between Dodgers and Superstars was being planned. It was hoped to get as many of the old players as possible out (or in) for a one off game.
SPARTA have announced that cricket will not be included at Sports Day again despite promising to reintroduce it last year. Sports Day is beleived to be on Friday 15 July.
Any Other Business
Currently it was too easy to get onto the career stats. It was agreed, by a vote of 11 for and 1 against, that the qualification mark for the career stats should be 20 innings.
Paul Gaught announced that he would be unable to remain as the Fixture Secretary next season. He hoped that a replacement could be found in good time.
Will Spry had dropped off the email list. If anyone had his contact email could they please pass them on to Barry? Barry asked everyone to email him with details of their balls (number of new cricket balls in their possession).
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.03pm.
Jason Marchant, Secretary.
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