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Time and Place
Friday 12 January 2018, 5.30pm, Room 1/26a, Great Minster House, London.
Barry Gigg, Richard Abigail, Jason Marchant, Paul Gaught, Michael Duggan, Mark Williams, Dan Forman, Matthew Conway, Mike Kamellard, Harish Kumar, James Hewlett.
Jamie Ratcliff, Ian Moxon, Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Simon Gundry, Mike Berry, Merv Aranha, Will Walker, Steve Meyler, Adam Spencer-Bickle, Vijay Anand, Gary Plahe, Chris Mountain.
Minutes of the last meeting
These were agreed.
Matters arising
There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report
Chairman, Will Walker, was unable to attend. In his absence Paul Gaught gave the Chairman's report. He reported that for once Superstars had not had a winning season. He reported that the end of season celebrations had taken place in November and had been well attended. He thanked everyone for their hard work on keeping the club buoyant and maintaining a friendly but challenging fixture line up. Particular thanks went out to Izzy again for her awesome cakes and to Steve Meyler for being Steve Meyler. He hoped that many of the club members would be present at the nets sessions whose dates would be released by Barry Gigg in the very near future.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited. The Treasurer went through the details of income and expenditure and the forthcoming SPARTA bid. All players were reminded that if they were in DfT or DCLG then they should join SPARTA at a cost of £2 a month. This year’s club expenditure included 2 years' worth of trophies due to the presentation evenings for both 2016 and 2017 both being held in 2017, also the cost of the website was for three years. The price for nets was due to increase to £540 and the cost of hiring pitches at South Wimbledon was yet to be confirmed. Barry had not heard from Sparta about bids for this year and so asked if anyone knew who the correct contact was at Sparta. Jason Marchant said that he would investigate. The accounts and bid were approved by Members.
Action: JM to confirm correct Sparta contact.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. Will Walker was stepping down as the Chairman, all present thanked Will for his service as the Chairman. Paul Gaught nominated Matthew Conway for the post of Chairman, this was seconded by Michael Duggan. Matthew Conway was elected by acclamation as Chairman. The following appointments were agreed unanimously along with the addition of two new members to the committee, James Hewlett and Harish Kumar. Elected officers are as follows:-
ChairmanMatthew Conway
SecretaryJason Marchant
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryVijay Anand
Committee MembersMike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Paul Gaught, Michael Duggan, Gary Plahe, Adam Spencer, Simon Gundry, Ian Moxon, Vijay Anand, Steve Meyler, Richard Smith, Dan Forman, Mike Kamellard, Will Walker, Mark Anderson, James Hewlett, Harish Kumar.
CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainAs and when required
AuditorRichard Abigail
No motions were received.
Arrangements for 2018 Season
There were already 12 confirmed fixtures for 2018 including two fixtures at LSE. A Sunday game was also planned for 13th May. Vijay was planning a similar amount of fixtures as to last year.
Steve Meyler was sorting arrangements for the tour which was to be held in Wales. So far it was unsure how Steve was coping with the preparations as he had not confirmed any details with the committee. The Committee was grateful for any ongoing work into arranging the tour and offered Steve any help he required to complete the arrangements. The tour is a long-standing club tradition and players are encouraged to come along to what has always proved a very enjoyable weekend.
Action: Paul Gaught to continue chasing progress on the tour arrangements with Steve Meyler.
Any Other Business
Four new players had come forward during the close season these included 2 from DfT, 1 from Communities, and 1 from DEFRA. Recruitment posters needed to be added to Intranet sites and staff notice boards. It was suggested that Simon Gundry and Rick Smith could be used as contacts in DCLG. JM and WW would continue in DfT, PG in Home Office and MD in BEIS. Matthew Conway said that he may be able to get a few good players from Lloyds should the club be in need. Posters needed to highlight the nets when they were put up in the near future in Departments. Barry would be sending details of the nets around shorty. The nets begin in March.
Action: Jason Marchant to email a copy of the poster to all involved. Barry Gigg to email details of nets to all club members.
The potential use of mailchimp for emails regarding club business such as matches, nets etc. was discussed. Paul G said he would investigate the use mailchimp for our contacts list and liaise with Mark W if he struggled.
Action: Paul Gaught to investigate the use of mailchimp for contacts from the club.
It was asked if new shirts and caps could be purchased this season. Mark Williams agreed to take this on in liaison with Mike Kamellard who had suggested a supplier. Caps that don't itch please!
Action: Mark Williams to make arrangements for new club shirts and caps to be purchased this year.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.36pm. (22 minutes earlier than last year!)
Jason Marchant, Secretary.
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