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The Superstars gathered on 9th November 2017 to celebrate a semi-successful season in the club's history at the glamorous location of the Jugged Hare in Pimlico.
Firstly the players studied the stats, career stats, milestone related clubs, 2018 all rounders analysis and an update to the MVP all-time ratings (great work by Adam Spencer-Bickle, as always). George Warren claimed to have not kept track of his stats, however he did bring an entourage with trophy cleaning equipment. Stand-in Chairman Paul Gaught gave a beautiful speech thanking various players for a great year. After the speech the awards were presented with our hosts and comperes, Paul was joined by Captain Barry Gigg. The usual long list of awards were presented, reflecting the highs and lows of the Superstars' 2018 season. The winners of the trophies and other major awards were-
The Legend
(Vijay was unfortunately unable to attend. 2nd: Jimmy and Konrad. Also nominated: Matt, Barry and Paul.)
(2nd Vijay, 3rd Jimmy)
(2nd Alok, 3rd Rob R)
(2nd: Alok, Rob, Adam. Also nominated: George, Jimmy, Vijay, Barry, Steve.)
(also nominated: Anand, Singh, Conway, Gaught)
1 / 16
The early entertainment
2 / 16
The glittering prizes
3 / 16
Nervous captivation
4 / 16
An absent Vijay was named Player of the Year
5 / 16
Our batsman of the year
6 / 16
Our bowler of the year
7 / 16
Sandeep collected his 2017 batting trophy
8 / 16
A well deserved fielder of the year
9 / 16
James' seamer switch rewarded
10 / 16
George obviously not one to follow his stats
11 / 16
A strong season for Chrissie
12 / 16
Single fingeredly ensuring more Superstars get a bat
13 / 16
To take this award from Barry requires amazing levels of committment to run outs
14 / 16
Mike's shoulder seemed to handle the drinking rigours
15 / 16
The huge amount of spin imparted by the bowler was his only excuse
16 / 16
Almost causing a fight was our funniest moment - we are odd.

Equally fought over were the certificate awards, the pride of many a fridge or pinboard over the next year. The delighted winners (or in some cases should that be losers) of these awards were-
Players' batsman of the year ADAM SPENCER
(2nd: Vijay, 3rd: Jimmy. Also nominated: George, Paul, Barry, Matt.)
Players' bowler of the year KONRAD CHODZKO-ZAJKO
(By a landslide. Also nominated: Dan, Roy, Chrissie, Rob R)
All rounder of the year VIJAY ANAND
(2nd: Gary. Also nominated: Alok, Rob, Dan, John B)
Improver of the year JAMES HEMINGWAY (seam bowling > spin)
(also nominated: Mark W, Barry, Chris T, Konrad, Rob)
Most regressed player GEORGE WARREN
(Also nominated: Rick, Gary, Jason, James Hewlett, Alok, Konrad)
Best Veteran BARRY GIGG again
(2nd: Steve. Also nominated: Matt C, Paul, Mike K, John B)
(also nominated: Jack, Nick J, Steve C, Harry Forman, Mike Wood, Chris T)
Catch of the Season JAMES HEMINGWAY overhead effort v GREEN SOX of key batsman
(also nominated: James Hemingway v Bricklayers and Mandarins, Chris T's 3 v SDG, Paul at slip v Mandarins, Barry v Green Sox, )
Drop of the Season [kindly sponsored by Mike Taylor] GARY PLAHE awful looping effort at short cover off Paul's bowling
(also nominated: George dropping a pint at last year's awards night, Matt C predicting he'd drop a catch at slip and doing so first ball, Jimmy voted for any drop by a keeper.)
Most likely to catch a skier ADAM SPENCER-BICKLE
(also nominated: Rob R, Paul G, Matt C (no prediction), Vijay, James Hewlett, Konrad)
Least likely to catch a skier GARY PLAHE
(also nominated: "Too many", Mike D, Matt C (if predicted), John B, Paul G (if he has to move), Mike K (unlikely to see it), Mark)
Biggest poser in the field GARY PLAHE (for batting rituals)
(Also nominated: Adam, George, Sandeep, Barry, Paul, James Hewlett - for acting cool when nearly starting a brawl)
(Also nominated: Paul, Barry, Mike D, Konrad, Adam, Matt)
Worst Umpire ROY VARGHESE still
(Also nominated: Steve, Gary - who did square leg only when umpiring with Roy, opponent who gave a low full toss as a no ball)
Average Protection PAUL GAUGHT [must be bad at it then - Ed]
(Also nominated: Barry batting himself down the order, John, Dan, Gary, "No one had a good enough average to protect".)
The Rick Smith award for remaining calm when getting out VIJAY ANAND
(Also nominated: Rick, Mark, Natalie, Adam, Matt, Konrad.)
The Barry Gigg award for player most likely to run you out JOHN BISHOP
(Also nominated: Barry, Rob)
The Steve Meyler award for Injury of the Season MIKE DUGGAN - season long shoulder injury
(Also nominated: Diwakar, Mike K, George.)
The Mike Kamellard award for Worst excuse for missing a match MIKE KAMELLARD's emergency dental visit, fittingly Mike wasn't present to collect the award.
(Also nominated: Anyone not at Bank to watch England lose, Alok meeting Arivinda da Silva, Dan at Lord's)
Most missed former player MIKE TAYLOR
(Also nominated: Richard, Gary's old lucky jumper, Merv, Rick, Michael, Mike Berry, Will Walker - as he can bat)
Funniest moment JAMES HEWLETT stealing the football on the boundary on not giving it back.
(Also nominated: the mullet of a Dodger, John B at slip in a full suit v Pirates, Mark hurling ball at square leg umpire by mistake, any time Gary played off side shot, James Hemingway on Brompton bike appearing across Hampstead Heath. Konrad’s opening ball reverse sweeps, Barry signalling one short when ball had gone to boundary, Paul taking 30 mins to ground at Ally Pally when ground 5 mins away)
Best Team Performance of Year PRINCE'S HEAD
(Also nominated: Thrashing Dodgers first up, Pirates on the Heath, Fielding performance v Green Sox)
Worst Team Performance of Year BRICKLAYERS ARMS blinded
(Also nominated: Treasury at Chiswick, Don’t want to talk about it – we had our 3 lowest scores in Superstars history.)
Best Individual Performance of Year HARISH KUMAR 5 wickets and 20 runs v Pirates.
(Also nominated: Paul/Alok v Prince’s Head, Rob against Mandarins, Mark Wood’s 6 for (club record), John at Bank v Treasury, Dan’s son Harry v Mandarins)
Most liked opponents PRINCE'S HEAD and GREEN SOX
(Also nominated: Mandarins, CIPA, Abinger Hammer, DEFRA)
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