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Ken Block Trophy
After an wonderful 2014 season for Alok, where he took a club record equalling 37 wickets many expected the young speedster to be put in his place. "After the Lord Mayor's Show" said one SKy Sports 'Expert', while TMS legends were pronoucing him "past his best". And it was easy to see why as how could anyone beat a sensational 37 wickets in a season? Well the easy answer to that is 38 wickets and that's exactly what future Superstars Hall of Famer Alok did.
To put Alok's 38 wickets in a season in context none of the game's great bowlers such as Malcolm Marshall, Shane Warne or Phil Patten have ever managed it. It was a simply senational year of constantly high level bowling.
Fellow Superstars were quick to congratulate the popular opening bowler with captain Barry Gigg leading the tributes.
Bazza Barry Gigg, captain
"Alok has been an absolute dream to captain this year. He's quiet, talented and plays for the team. If only we had 11 Aloks. In fact if only we had 2!"
Vijay Vijay Anand, opening bowling partner
"Alok is both a great friend and a great player, but i still think he takes most of his wickets from batsmen i've softened up."
Chuckle Brothers Chuckle Brothers, big fans of Alok
"To me. Well done Alok. To you."
We'll give more detail and in-depth statistics on this momentus feat soon.
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