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A suggestion that the club could be the victim of match fixing was first bought to our attention to us though an off the record conversation with a whistle blower who shall of course remain nameless. Let's call them "Jim Owen". "Jim" said that the huge number of ties in recent Superstars history pointed towards corruption - as ties always have such long odds that it is worth the attempts even if some miss the target. "Jim" suggested we investigated.
The first task was to investigate if the number of ties was unusual so we compared against a similar level of cricket - One Day Internationals and 2020 Internationals. The chart below shows, conclusively, how before 2012 Superstars has a low proportion of tied matches compared to international matches, however in the past three years this proportion has rocketed to over 10 per cent while the proportion in International matches has decreased to more usual level. This suggests we may have had a problem since 2012 or 2013.
We're coming after whoever it is
The above confirms we have a corruption problem. Next we'll narrow down who are putting the club's name to shame. Obviously any "evidence" you have on this please add below. We shall be investigating ourselves, of course, right after our expensive holidays.
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