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The Superstars stayed at the Bankfield Hotel, Bingley with Ilkley Moor across the valley.
Friday 30th April - v Bradford CAMRA (at Hepworth & Idle CC)
Bradford CAMRA 86-3 Superstars 84-5 - Lost by 2 runs
Man of Match - Steve Carter
The Ground on googlemaps
Highlights - Sarah playing (Matt's intended), Meyler getting a wicket on one leg, Patten's full length slow motion dive which did stop the ball, Carter scoring a couple of fours, Paul Hogg's first wide for three years, we were going to go to Idle Workingmens Club but ended up drinking in the nearby town (cobbled lanes, chippies, whippets, etc). Rumours are that after it took an age to find it the squad waited in our cars while sending Matt in to check if it was the right place, only for him to be turned away as soon as he spoke posh.
Lowlights - the Arctic conditions (the coldest Barry has played in apparently), being run out by the umpire Carter even though the ball missed the stumps, Kamellard being 2 miles from the ground at the start of the match but not arriving until after the game had ended!
Saturday 1st May - Yorkshire Forward (in Barnoldswick)
Superstars 176-4 (inc a Rigg hatrick) YF 91 - Won by 85 runs
Man of Match - Richard Abigail
Highlights - Eventually finding the ground (signs are for wimps), 25 and retire, reached by Gundry, Priest, McBarron and Gigg, Tav 7-0-60-0, Gundry on as a sub fielder diving to catch Matt, New Inn Connolly, Angela's teas, Abigail taking 3 wickets
Lowlights - THE BOG (pictures will follow), Golden Ducks for Kamellard and Westhead, McBarron's bowling.
Sunday 2nd May - Gargrave
Superstars 135-4 Gargrave 125-7 - Won by 10 runs
Man of Match - Simon Gundry
Highlights - The ground and superb weather, Gundry's 2 wicket over, Abigail's 2 wickets, McBarron's 50 and Priest's 38, winning.
Lowlights - Westhead's first ball, a push to cover, suicidal run out + a dolly drop! better luck next year Guy. McBarron running me out - we had only scored 17 off 10 overs! The Gargrave chippy had shutdown. McBarron's juggled missed catch. Barry's missed stumpings.
Monday 3rd May - Foulridge
Foulridge 236-7 Superstars 161-5 - Lost by 75 runs
Man of Match - Neil Priest
Highlights - Great views and only 2 jumper weather, 4 young children playing, Mr Dalby's 82 inc 4 sixes (seemed like more), Priest's 79 off 82 balls, 3 wickets for Gundry, Jonty's stop in the field.
Lowlights - Being hit for 9 sixes, We didn't hit any sixes, bowling up that hill, Taylor's 7 off 41 balls, The Foulridge team featured a player who had wintered in Australia and scored loads in a short time - he'd played the first time we met them but had matured considerably in the interim. They also had some very fast bowlers. I remember feeling slightly concerned when the chap bowling to me up the hill had a run up that went beyond the boundary (is that legal?)
General comments
Tour injuries (cricketing?) - Taylor (groin) and Conway (wrist).
Thanks to everyone who toured, all the games were played in the right spirit and special thanks go to Ken for arranging the fixtures, Richard and Simon for sorting out the hotel, Jonty for turning up already injured and bringing the kit, Sian for umpiring, Paul for Saturday's game and anyone who bought me a beer.
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