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The 2009 tour will be known as 'the wrong trousers tour' named as a result of a number of incidents that happened during the weekend.
The weekend started well with many tourists meeting at the Bathurst Arms, in North Cerney, for a good pub lunch. Will's brother owned the pub and we were certainly well catered for.
This should be a tradition slaughters
The cricket started off badly when Stevie Carter forgot his cricket whites for the first game and luckily Barry was able to lend him his, as he wasn't playing in the first match. Barry has since removed the stains but the emotional scares still remain.
Then in the second game, Paul forgot his cricket whites and with no spare set available had to wear his drinking trousers, a grey shade that matched the faces of some of the players that stayed up late the previous evening. Furthermore I (Jonty), managed to break the cord on my pair and although on one hand I didn't want to suffer a Gok's faux pas fashion statement of a black belt safety pinned around my whites, I also didn't want the whole world laughing at the site of me tripping up with my trousers round my ankles. I thought we would leave the tripping up to Mike K running between the wickets. This resulted in Mike not being able to grip with one of his hands, good thing he is ambidextrous. The day ended with everyone proving its not how straight your arm is, its how you grip your balls, when and not for the first time we failed to impress in the skittles alley.
Nice venue at Pershore Semi tour tradition - skittles
In the final match Barry tossed up in his Y fronts ..........these were worn on outside of his whites. Viewers of the apprentice had seen similar sights in the form of 'pants man'. I think that team lost as well!
Guiting Power Duck 2/2 at that ground
Anyway congratulations to Jason as 'Tourist of the Year' for taking a number of wickets even against our own team.
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