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Ken Block Trophy
Friday 29th April. ST RADEGUND PUB.
Venue: Fitzwilliam College. Toss won by Gaught. 15 8 ball overs.
St Radegund 107-6 Moore ret 25, Singh 4-0-27-0, H kumar 2.4-0-20-2, Konrad 4-0-23-1, Forman, 4-1-15-1, Plahe 2.4-0-12-1, Taylor 2.4-0-9-1 Catches Gaught, Taylor, Plahe
"Best" moments: Wicket maiden from Dan (notable because we were playing 8 ball overs), Mike T taking a wicket off a wide - hit wicket
Superstars 110-5 Meyler ct 10, Gundry b12, Anand ret 27, Gaught b 7, Warren ro 15, Plahe b3, Taylor no6, Kumar no4 + Singh, Konrad, Forman.
"Best" moments: Vijay cleared the ground for a 6, Mike ran out George with just 3 needed and 3 overs to spare.
Superstars won by 5 wickets.
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
The pub itself was excellent and our friendly opponents gave us a very amusing review of the season and a book on a recent tour to Croatia. Available to any Superstar.
Saturday 30th April. PEMBROKE COLLEGE.
Venue: Pembroke College, next to Cambridge Rugby Club. Barry lost toss. 30 overs per side.
Superstars 121-8 Extras 46 (yes!) Walker b5, Conway, b12, Smith b2, Gaught, ro8, Gundryb0, Giggb19, Moxon no15, Forman9, Meyler ct Gigg 1, Kumar no5, + Konrad.
Key moments: Gigg running out Gaught, discussion over who buys jug if there are 50 extras.
Pembroke 122-4 Gundry 6-0-20-1, Konrad 4-0-16-1, Kumar 5-0-22-0, Forman 5-0-19-1, Smith 4.2-0-13-1, Conway 3-0-12-0 catches Will and Konrad.
Odd moment: Simon being clipped for 6 by opener. Best moments: Opener trying same shot off Simon but caught by Konrad on boundary, a great tea, beer and food provided gratis by Pembroke
Pembroke won by 6 wickets.
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
The evening entertainment involved visits to various stylish establishments including the Red Bull, Radegund, Kingston and Devonshire.
Sunday 1st May. JESUS COLLEGE.
Venue: Beautiful Jesus College Ground. Will captain (toss unknown). 40 overs per side - 12-a-side.
Jesus 179-9 Moore ro48 Singh 6-0-19-0, Anand 6-2-11-1, Gundry 6-2-4-5!, Taylor 7-0-58-0, Moxon 4-0-36-0, Marchant 6-0-21-0, Plahe 5-0-27-2 catches Simon, Vijay.
Best moments: Simon's demon bowling at the stumps + Alok running out George. Standard moment: Mike having a dropped catch off his bowling by Will.
Superstars 183-6 Smith ct36, Spencer b12, Patwal b14, Warrenb25, Walker ro44, Anand no19, Plahe ct2, Gundry no 14 +Singh, Taylor, Moxon, Marchant.
Best moment: Simon nearly hitting the statue (would have been 10) Worst moment: Vijay's yes,no,yes with Will
Superstars won by 5 wickets (remember 12-a-side).
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
For the evening we relived our youth by staying the student bar at £2.50 a pint.
Monday 2nd May. MILTON CC.
Venue: Milton, just north of Cambridge. Barry lost the toss. 20 overs per side due to impending rain.
Milton 114-8 Singh 4-0-16-1, Konnrad 3-18-0, Marchant 3-0-14-1, Vijay 3-0-13-2, Smith 3-0-12-1, Moore 2-1-8-1, Plahe 2-0-28-0 catch Marchant, 2 direct hit run outs by G Moore.
Best moment: Best ball of the tour by Jason (that's what he told me).
Superstars 115-6 Spencer b10, Moore ret 25, Patwal b6, Marchant ret hurt 5, Warren ro5, Smith ro1, Anand ret26, Plahe b5, Singh st4, Konrad 2no, Gigg 11no.
Best moment: 9 required off last over, 2 off last ball konrad survived two run outs and dived in to claim victory!
Superstars won by 4 wickets (off last ball).
Many thaks to George in particular for arranging games and hospitality on Friday and Sunday, Ian for Saturday's game and free buffet and to Barry for finding Monday's opponents.
Tour 2016 Tour 2016
Player of the Tour: To be announced
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