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Well we arrived to it raining cats and dogs and the chance of any cricket seemed less than Mike Taylor getting a round in. As large numbers of us sheltered in the bar from the rain the inevitable came as cricket was called off. So what to do? Go back to the office? Clearly not! Partake in the offerings of the bar or a nearby pub? Tempting, but not really fitting! Luckily, as the rain drifted away to drench those whose work is so vital they had to stay in the office for ONE friday afternoon in recess, other sports gradually got going but with reduced programmes as many participants had been put off by the weather.
With most the atheltics events taking place much of the team were dotted around the track and field area but were bought together for one key moment. Superstars, in full whites (but not pads!) entered a team in the 4 x 100 relay - the gold ribband event at Sports Day. With Jason taking on a player-coach role the selected team practiced handovers while unfortunately over-officous volunteers decided we were not allowed to use a bat instead of a baton.
Taking on the captain's role Barry Gigg led the team off with even greater speed than between the wickets, presumably because it's pretty hard to run someone out in athletics. The practice bore fruit as Barry smoothly passed on to Chris Mountain for leg 2 and seemed to be slightly in the lead. Chris, more used to collecting gold medals in the javelin used his power and pace down the back straight and put Superstars in a strong position. Chris handed over to Jason Marchant, better known as a 400m/800m runner, who sprinted round the bend (instead of sending us round it). The main worry now was a GBR style baton drop. Luckily all that practice led by Jason paid off with a smooth handover to Will Walker who elegantly opened out his long legs and screeched through the final tape around 10 metres ahead of our (properly dressed for athletics) rivals.
A great moment in Superstars History. May be we should be an athletics club really.....
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