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Restaurants that don't allow Superstars in have the Michelin Star - it's a mark of excellence. For years there was a gap in the market but now cricket teas have an equivalent - the Varghese Cake, named after Superstar bowler and cricket tea aficionado.
Roy in typical action
The system is even more straight forward that a Superstars tactical chat - it's one where Roy ranks cricket teas on a zero to five rating - with five cakes "as faultless as a Varghese outswinger before a heavy tea" and no cakes "as bad as a Varghese outswinger after a heavy tea".
On the establishment of the "Varghese Cake" spoke exclusively to the popular bowler who said "I've put a lot of effort and experience into researching cricket teas and I'd like to share my knowledge with the world. No person should ever have to experience a disappointing cricket tea again. Hopefully 'the cake' will drive up standards."
Look out for the Varghese Cake logo in future match previews and reports.
Varghese Cake
Please do supply any comments or assistance you have on the 'Varghese Cake' below.
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