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A long time ago in a principality far, far away Steve Meyler was born and here at Superstars CC we should be thankful for that. Steve was the club's Chairman for six years during which the club went from strength to strength on and off the pitch.
Many of the Chairman's duties are clouded in mystery but I feel Steve has excelled in the following areas-
Darth Steve's constant determination to improve club morale by making a fool of himself, especially on tour, is selfless. His professionalism on tour to ensure he has enough sleep before big games is also a model more inexperienced Superstars should follow. He is also a one man local economy booster.
Steve resting and visualising before a match
Darth One of Steve's lasting legacies will be this website. His IT expertise was vital and although I did my share of the donkey work I was regularly heard to shout "Help me Obi-Wan Meyler. You're my only hope" before asking some basic question. Without him this blog thanking him would not be possible - which I think is possibly ironic enough to be an Alanis Morrisette lyric.
Darth Steve was very concerned about last year's fixture list being decimated by the weather and what we could do about it. He asked me about a couple of games, which I suggested were LU Engineering and Hounslow Leisure, but I was told "These aren't the voids I'm looking for".
Darth Last year's presentation at the end of year social may be Steve's pinnacle and will probably go down in club folklore. This may be Steve's legacy, something senior politicians like Steve are always looking for, certainly we're all looking forward to see what Chris does on this score.
The highlight of Steve's tenure
Darth On the field he has produced some swashbuckling (note to self: use the word "swashbuckling" more) innings. My favourites were against the Bank of England last year which essentially won us the game and in a losing cause at Feltham a couple of years back but it made an exciting finish where one never looked likely.
So thank you Steve, I appreciate your efforts and am sure others do too. Oh and it seems fitting to say......
The force is strong with this one.
Steve at his best
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