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Current Official Records
Latest AGM
From the 2023 meeting to be held on Thursday 18 January 2024.
Agreed at the meeting held on Friday 15 January 2021.
The long standing club constitution, which I'm sure we can all fully recite.
Stats Paper
Stats Paper
Paper presented to the 2011 AGM discussing average qualification thresholds.
Official Records Archive
2022 AGM
The 2021 minutes have been lost. The SPARTA General Sec is furious with our Secretary.
2020 AGM
2019 AGM
2019 AGM
2018 AGM
2017 AGM
Conway elected new Superstars Chairman
2016 AGM
Will Walker stands down as Superstars Chairman
2015 AGM
2014 AGM
Chris Mountain stands down as Superstars Chairman
2013 AGM
2012 AGM
Steve Meyler stands down as Superstars Chairman
2011 averages qualification paper
2011 AGM
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