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We are a friendly, social cricket team playing all around London. We play midweek evening T20 games, afternoon games in both midweek and occasionally at weekends. Our opponents are a mix of teams but with the same ethos of enjoying the game and trying to ensure all 11 get a chance to play - in many games batsmen retire at 25 to ensure this. We do not play in a league but do play a series (usually of three games) against our friendly rivals Dodgers for the Ken Block Trophy.
The club was formed in the late 1980s after a group of friends played sporting challenges on Friday afternoons in the style of the Superstars TV Show. The cricket team were born of these challenges, hence the name (they certainly weren't super!). The friends were mainly based in DOETRA and still mainly recruits from the two Government Departments that resulted from there (Ministry of Housing and Department for Transport).
If you'd like to play for or against we're always happy to hear from new players (we take all standards of cricketer but prefer good people), potential opponents and possible tour opposition against us you can email us from this link.