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Ken Block Trophy
Superstars Cricket Club was formed in 1987 and can trace its origins back to the late 1970s and early 1980s and a team called the Marsham Street Casuals which was mainly composed of staff from DOE's (Department of the Environment) Royal Parks Division. Evening twenty over and occasional afternoon forty over matches were played at Regents Park and Wandsworth Common. Opposing teams were from other DOE/DOT (Department of Transport) divisions such as GLRT (featuring future Superstar Phil Patten) and Highways, and from other Government Departments and Agencies who had a working relationship with Royal Parks. These included amongst others Ancient Monuments, Saville Row, DTI and Home Office.
Players from these early years included Mark Rolls (captain), Bob Treacher, Keith Hamer (wk), Frank Blewer, Neil O'Connor, Rick Kennedy, Brian Oatway, Ray Denham, Neil Stanworth, Rene Daniels, Barry Fitzgerald, Steve Brandl, Andy Wilkinson, Steve Crossthwaite, Ray George, Steve A'Court, David Levell and John Doyle. Other MSC regulars who went on to play for Superstars included Pete Frost, Steve Carter (wk) and Mike Kamellard.
The name Superstars was coined because most of the team participated in a year long 30 event multi-sport competition loosely based on the Superstars TV show, which explains the rather arrogant sounding name! This completion ran annually between 1980 and 1990 and featured such athletic sports as Cribbage, Yahtzee, Monopoly and Drinking!
In 1987, seven formal fixtures against BOCs (Bunch of Counts, or something like that, this is a family friendly website and my hearing isn't great) were arranged by Pete Frost and he became Superstars CC first captain and organiser (because nobody else wanted to do it). Games were played at Greenwich Park (as we had a contact called Vince Rossiter) with the occasional return to Regents Park. Future club icons Ken Block and Steve Meyler joined at this time. Fixtures against BOCs became an annual contest. By 1988 statistics were regularly compiled and a club resembling the one we have now was taking shape.
The club grew becoming more organised, recruiting better players (Barry Gigg, Mike Taylor and Matt Conway to name but three - note from Ed - how bad were the previous lot?!?!!) and establishing a rota of new opposing teams. Regular opponents in the late 1980s and early 1990s included the aforementioned BOCs, John Doyle's Dodgers (I wonder what happened to them?..), DoE Stats (who if they had continued your correspondent would have played for), Highways Agency, and sister club OSD - who merged with Superstars in the late 1990s because players were retiring. Home matches were played first at Greenwich and then later at the Chiswick Sports Ground.
The players from this time included Rich Baker (touted as our best player ever), Gary Tavender (the great white hope), Tom Wilson (a very slow bowler who the team took bets on which ball, 1-24, he would lose his run), Steve Carter (an entertainer, but not due to the high quality of his cricket), Tony Whitrod (a footballing superstar who is the only person to score a 100, 50 and take 5 wickets for the club), Gary Batholomew and Linden Francis.
In 1992, Pete left London to work in Hastings and passed the captaincy to Ken Block. Ken threw himself into the organisational responsibilities of the job expanding recruitment and arranging new fixtures (including one against the Met Police after being stopped on the way home from a cricket match!) and thus began a new and golden era for the club.
The club first toured in 1996, raising money for the Civil Service Benevolent Fund. The tour was to Lancashire and stories from when these fine gentlemen visited ooop north are still part of Superstars' folklore. The first tour line up was-
Superstars Line Up
Tour became a regular feature of the season with early tours to Yorkshire, North Devon and Worcestershire. We have even been abroad when in May 2000 we visited Wales - which well as a cricket tour but a good opportunity for players to realise how lucky we are here in the developed world and to have things like electicity etc (ho ho).
Barry Gigg was voted club captain in 1997 and has been ever since (if someone could tell us what he did so badly in a previous life to deserve such punishment we'd love to know). The responsibility clearly sat well as Barry scored the club's first ever century in the same year v OSD. The second century was scored by legend Tony Whitrod against Dodgers in 1999.
1998 was a record breaking year for the club. The fixture list was greatly expanded to 32 games and 3 records were set that still remain. Barry Gigg compiled 690 runs, Ken Block took 37 wickets and Mike Taylor grasped 15 catches. There were also numerous other milestones in the same year, including 6 players making their 100 appearence.
During the early 2000s the club went from strength to strength, mainly due to the efforts of Ken Block behind the scenes and Barry's leadership on the pitch. 2003 was a high point for the club with a visit to the Newcastle Corporate Games as well as Ilyas Malick breaking the club's highest individual score record.
By the mid 2000s around 38 games were arranged in packed seasons and opponents were found from far and wide. This included a popular annual match against Jason Marchant's Dartford Harriers Athetics Club XI. Alongside Jason new players were joining the club including future Chairman Chris Mountain, future Fixture Secretary Paul Gaught, Will Walker, fast bowler much feared by Dodgers Simon Gundry and the ever popular auditor (a rarely used phrase) Richard Abigail.
In the late 2000s with Ken unfortunately unwell Paul Gaught took over much of the work Ken had done arranging fixtures. The club began to struggle for teams occasionally, especially for afternoon matches and so the fixture list was slightly trimmed but still at a pretty impressive 30 matches.
In 2010 the friendly rivalry that exists between the club and Dodgers was 'formalised', when a trophy was first presented to the winners of the series between the two clubs. The trophy (below) was named the Ken Block Trophy, after the Superstars Legend and was (unfortunately) first won by Dodgers in 2010. Thankfully Superstars won the trophy in the years that followed.
Like the Ashes but harder fought over
2012 was the wettest season in Superstars History with half the matches rained off and the first ever completely washed out tour, cleverly named the Dampshire tour by Jason. Luckily we were able to return to Hampshire in 2013 under sunny skies and played probably our most glamorous fixture ever against Hambledon a team who have beaten England 29 times. Although we lost that match the team (and weather) was inspired in 2013 with a long unbeaten run at the end of the season and Will Walker scoring 2 centuries in 5 weeks.
The club florished in the 2010s with new players joining the club and full teams being sent out in most occasions. The club was playing around 30 games against a wide spread of teams including the popular LT Dinos, DEFRA Allstars and Hounslow Leisure. Over this period there was a suspicious number of tied matches with some named suspects and a legendary April Fool effort. At this time Alok Singh became a record breaking bowler, by matching (2014) and then beating (2015) Ken Block's 37 wickets in the 1998 season and producing two 6 wicket spells, in successive tour matches, against Halstead in 2014 and Bishops Cannings in 2015. Some the great innings of this time were made by hard hitting batsman Vijay Anand including a memorable 61 not out (in 34 balls) in the club's most glamorous ever game versus Hambledon. There were two proud moments in this time, firstly the charity 6-a-side tournaments organised by Paul Gaught and his partner Penny which raised well over a grand for good causes while Superstars were mentioned on national institution Test Match Special's Ask The Umpire slot. We also made our Test Match debut against a familiar looking Rest of the World side.
Select the year you wish to skip to-
Pre 1988
Before 1988 Season
Overall Record: Played 3 Won 1 Lost 2
Superstars talking about cricket before 1988 is a bit like Sky Sports talking about football before 1992, it happens rarely and briefly. Although in our case that's because there's not much evidence to go on - a few cavewall pictures on people dropping catches and a few abaci held in particular places by a strange looking 'glue'.
So what do we know? Well not much. The highest score was 40 scored by Gary Bartholomew while Phil Patten took 4-0-7-5 against BOCS, a performance that remains high in the best ever bowling for the club.
1988 Season
Overall Record: Played 5 Won 4 Lost 1
1988 was the year of the first Comic Relief, Tony Curtis is believed to have got the idea after seeing Superstars paying to make fools of themselves. Meanwhile 3 activists invaded the BBC News studios - the official line is that these were gay rights protesters, but actually they were disappointed at the limited Superstars fixture list.
Results & scorecards
Steve Meyler's debut
Ken Block's debut
1989 Season
Overall Record: Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1
1989 was the season when it was "up for grabs now" - although most people think Brian Moore was referring to Michael Thomas he was actually catching up with the latest score in the SCC v BOCs series. The Christmas was dominated by a first appearence by Wallace and Gromit, or Phil and Steve C as they're otherwise known.
Results & scorecards
1990 Season
Overall Record: Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2
1990 was the year Maggie Thatcher resigned, a source of great celebration round the country and partly due to her wanting to watch more Superstars games. Before that Gazza had cried at the football World Cup after he heard BOCs had lost to the mighty Superstars - he felt he fitted in well with them.....
Results & scorecards
Barry Gigg's Debut
1991 Season
Overall Record: Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2
In 1991 Helen Sharman became the first Brit into space, some people will do anything to avoid Phil and Steve Carter. While Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at number one with "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" - a song he decidated to Superstars captain Pete Frost.
Results & scorecards
1992 Season
Overall Record: Played 10 Won 9 Lost 1
In 1992 the Maastricht Treaty formed the EU - it appears our European cousins thought this meant they would get TV coverage of the Superstars games and when they realised they wouldn't the countries wondered why they bothered. Disneyland Paris opened in this year, with comedy characters acting out silly storylines - this stuff writes itself.
Results & reports
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Career Stats as at 1992
1993 Season
Overall Record: Played 15 Won 12 Lost 3
In 1993 the Tory party went 'Back to Basics' after watching a Superstars match and in particular the post-match drinks. After that the England football team failed to reach the World Cup after an inept qualifying campaign that included conceding a goal against San Marino - a team equally as fitted to international competition as Superstars.
Results & reports
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Career Stats as at 1993
1993 Controversy
1994 Season
Overall Record: Played 15 Won 14 Lost 1
In 1994 the Channel Tunnel was finally opened, but whether this was because Ken Block was looking for more, tougher opponents for Superstars to play and the French National Side were expected to be one of these opponents is unclear. Later in the year the National Lottery was launched, but Superstars had already used up their luck with a cracking year of results.
Results & scorecards
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Stats, inc the Carter Factor
Mike Taylor's Debut
1995 Season
Overall Record: Played 23 Won 19 Lost 2 Aban 2
In 1995 the 'Diary of Bridget Jones' was first published in the Independant - and all of the squad were totally transfixed with the storylines. Later that year Nick Leeson, the 'rouge trader', was found guilty. The killer piece of evidence showed Nick topping both the batting and bowling averages for Superstars.
Results & scorecards
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Career Stats as at 1995
Matt Conway's Debut
1996 Season
Overall Record: Played 24 Won 16 Tied 1 Lost 6 Aband 1
Boy band Take That broke up in early 1996, many of club's players were rocked by the news and it caused an early season run of bad form. Later in the year the Spice Girls debuted 'Wannabe' - a song dedicated to Matt Conway's early Superstars performances.
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Lancashire (1st ever) Tour Report
Lancashire Tour Gallery
Career Stats as at 1996
15 Reasons Why Neil Benn left Superstars
1997 Season
Overall Record: Played 24 Won 16 Lost 6 Aband 2
1997 was the year of a huge change in the leadership of the United Kingdom, as Barry Gigg took on Superstars captaincy from Ken Block. Meanwhile BBC children's TV show, the Teletubbies, first aired - it was based on a 30 minutes with Superstars on the morning after their first night on tour.
Captain's Report
Player Reports
1st Ever Club 100
Yorkshire Tour Report
Career Stats as at 1997
1998 Season
Overall Record: Played 26 Won 15 Drawn 1 Lost 8 Aband 2
1998 was the year Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress was sold for 41,320 quid. It would have made a million if Mike Taylor had worn it (Now that's an image). Meanwhile Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin solely because they were concerned they would kept forgetting to "favourite" the Superstars website when it was going to be established.
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Neil Benn takes 6 wkts
North Devon Tour Report
Career Stats as at 1998
1999 Season
Overall Record: Played 20 Won 9 Lost 11
1999 was the year Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was release - the name a tribute to two Superstars legends - Mike Kamellard ('The Phantom') and Steve Carter (known to Swanley Police as 'The Menace'). Glenn Hoddle tells The Times the disabled a paying for sins in a previous life, but does not specify if Superstars are too.
Results & reports
Captain's Report
Player Reports
Worcestershire Tour Report
Career Stats as at 1999
Tony Whitrod's 100
2000 Season
Overall Record: Played 20 Won 14 Lost 6
2000 was a year of great change in the world - as Nick Nguyen and Matt Conway produced a great Superstars undefeated partnership of 180. The summer bought the first ever series of cult TV show Big Brother - although no one has ever dared film behind the scenes footage of Superstars because it's TOO controversial. .
Results & reports
Player Reports
Llanelli Tour Report
Sports Day Photo
Nguyen & Conway Record Stand
2001 Season
Overall Record: Played 23 Won 15 Lost 8
In 2001 500,000 stated in the UK Census their religeon was "Jedi", narrowly beating the 425,000 who answered "Superstars Cricket". Meanwhile Jeffrey Archer was sentanced to 4 years for perjury - no Superstars connection but great news!
Results & reports
Career Stats as at 2001
Yorkshire Tour Report
Yorkshire Tour Gallery
2002 Season
Overall Record: Played 18 Won 11 Lost 5 Aband 2
Rio Ferdinand became to the most expensive transfer in English football, apparently worth 29.1 million pounds. Given this Steve Carter must have been worth at least 27p to Superstars. Girls Aloud won Popstars The Rivals - but in the big rivally Superstars lost to Dodgers 2-1.
Results & reports
Career Stats as at 2002
Kent Coast Tour Report
2003 Season
Overall Record: Played 28 Won 19 Drawn 2 Lost 6 Aband 1
In 2003 Andrew Gilligan told the BBC's Today Programme that The Iraq Dossier and the 2002 Superstars Stat were "sexed up". A huge political row followed with Ken Block finally cleared of any dubious practice (and congratulations to him for his batting average of 278.58 in 2002). Roman Abramovich bought CHelsea in 2003 for 150million after admitting he couldn't afford Superstars CC.
Results & reports
Player Reports
Hertfordshire Tour
Newcastle Corporate Games
Career Stats as at 2003
Sports Day Photo
Ilyas Malick 126no
Simon Gundry 5-5 v Treasury
Mike Taylor 5-5 v SRA
Superstars' Highest Total Ever
Matt & Craig Record 3rd wkt Partnership
Ken & Mike Record 11th(!) wkt Partnership
2004 Season
Overall Record: Played 29 Won 14 Lost 15
In 2004 the Gherkin, an strange sight on the London skyline, was open - Sir Norman Fowler said the design was based on something he saw in a Superstars dressing room. He didn't divulge any further. In September a Fathers 4 Justice protester breached security at Buckingham Palace - in unrelated news Mike Kamellard disappeared until the start of the the 2005 season.
Results & reports
Yorkshire Tour Report
Yorkshire Tour Gallery
Paul Gaught Scouting Email
Video Eng Heritage May 2004
Video Eng Heritage August 2004
2005 Season
Overall Record: Played 28 Won 19 Lost 8 Aband 1
2005 was a great year for English cricket, as after many years Barry Gigg scored a century for Superstars. Oh and England won some minor cricketing clash.
Results & reports
Hovel Tour Report
Hovel Tour Gallery
Barry's 100 v DCMS
Video Eng Heritage June 2005
Video Eng Heritage July 2005
2006 Season
Overall Record: Played 27 Won 17 Lost 10
2006 was the year James Bond, an aged womaniser, returned to our screens. Rumours that Jason Marchant turned down the role have not been denied. Meanwhile the Lib Dems replaced an alcoholic leader with a pensioner - replicating many a Superstars team selection meeting.
Results & reports
Somerset Tour Report
Somerset Tour Gallery
Will's 100no v Hounslow (20 overs)
2007 Season
Overall Record: Played 26 Won 11 Lost 14 Aband 1
The last ever Grandstand was aired in 2007, and foolishly it did not feature Superstars. A clear oversight. On 1 July the smoking ban was introduced, this did not affect Superstars batsmen who never reached "smoking" status.
Results & reports
Cotswolds Tour Report
Cotswolds Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
4x100 Relay Sports Day Report
Paul Gaught's 100
2008 Season
Overall Record: Played 22 Won 10 Lost 12
Many Superstars were grateful to Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, who caused a furore on a radio show and thus deflected attention away from Superstars' poor season. Work began on the London Olympic Stadium, expected to be the home of Superstars after the games.
Results & reports
Hertfordshire Tour Report
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Sports Day "Report"
Sports Day Gallery
2009 Season
Overall Record: Played 27 Won 12 Lost 15
While Slumdog Millionaire was winning Oscars and BAFTAs Superstars had their own 'against the odds' triumphs - just not that many. Meanwhile the banker recession caused its biggest scalp - Woolworths going out of business with Superstars worried about their diets now pic 'n' mix would not be available.
Results & reports
Cotswolds Tour Report
Cotswolds Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Sports Day Gallery
Mike Taylor's 5-10
Rhys Meyler's debut
2010 Season
Overall Record: Played 26 Won 16 Lost 10
While 3 Pakistan cricketers were caught playing badly deliberately by the News of the World, making every single Superstar worried that their bad performances would be next to be examined. In September Pope Benedict XVI visited Britain, as he left he was heard his regret was not watching Superstars who'd finished their season a couple of weeks earlier (the fixture list compiled by atheist Paul Gaught!)
Results & reports
1st ever Ken Block Trophy
Awards Report
Sports Day Report
Sports Day Gallery
Will & Harish Record 10th wkt Partnership
2011 Season
Overall Record: Played 26 Won 16 Lost 10
Osama Bin Lama was captured and killed in May 2011, this wrongly dominated the news headlines while Superstars were on tour - winning a match no-less. Throughout the year the Arab Spring saw regular folks demonstrating for freedom and the right to allow Superstars to tour there. Good luck comrades!
Results & reports
Bedford Tour Report
Bedford Tour Gallery
Stats, inc other analysis
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
Website launch
Sports Day Report
Sports Day Gallery
Record 8th wkt Partnership
2012 Season
Overall Record: Played 18 Won 13 Tied 1 Lost 4
2012 was the year of the triumpant London Olympics and Paralympics - Seb Coe admitted he took his inspiration from early Superstars events, especially the pub sports ones. Bradley Wiggins became the first ever British winner of the Tour de France - although Chris Mountain would have had he been available instead of Superstars appearences.
Results & reports
Season Report
Dampshire Tour Report
Dampshire Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
Sports Day Report
Sports Day Gallery
Mike Taylor "retires"
2013 Season
Overall Record: Played 29 Won 15 Tied 2 Lost 12
2013 was the year that Sir Alec Ferguson retired from football, stating he wanted more time to follow his favorite club (Superstars) via the website and twitter. Meanwhile Chris Huhne was jailed for lying and letting his then wife Vicky Price take his driving points - there was initial concern for everyone who's done the Superstars Stats that lying gets you sent down.
Results & reports
Season Report
Hampshire Tour Report
Hampshire Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
Sports Day Report
Will Walker 100no
Will Walker another 100no
Chris Mountain Record 2020 Bowling
Mike & Vijay Record 9th wkt Partnership
Global reach of club
2014 Season
Overall Record: Played 29 Won 14 Tied 3 Lost 12
2014 was the year Scotland voted to remain part of the UK, a rumour that Scots would be banned from playing for Superstars was seen as the key last minute factor that clinched it - outweigh posh English blokes trying to bribe them. Andy Coulson was sentanced to 18 months for hacking phones - including Barry Gigg's voicemails with excuses for non-appearing Superstars.
Results & reports
Season Report
Constable Country Tour Report
Constable Country Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
Alok Singh Record Bowling
Steve & Vijay Record 6th wkt Partnership
Gladstone Small joins Superstars
Ties Corruption Investigation
Corruption Suspects
Vijay & Steve Record 6th wkt Partnership
Alok equals bowling wickets haul
2015 Season
Overall Record: Played 25 Won 17 Lost 8
2015 was the year of the Hatton Gatton robbery, where robbers spectacularly stole millions of pounds worth of jewellery - but their perferred target - the Superstars kit bag - was dropped at the last moment because of a lack of suitable breathing apparatus. MPs voted to bomb Syria and the "Islamic State", a vote to bomb Dodgers CC was narrowly defeated.
Results & reports
Season Report
Wiltshire Tour Report
Wiltshire Tour Gallery
Awards Report
Awards Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
Alok Singh Record Bowling
Alok Singh Breaks Club record
Alok, Barry & Rhys Record 7th wkt P'ship
Superstars' Global Following
Gigg mocks Blatter
Gundry joins greats
2016 Season
Overall Record: Played 26 Won 15 Lost 11
2016 was the year Britain voted to leave the EU, experts said it was the most stupid decision since Superstars, needing 8-an-over sent out Gaught and Meyler top open the batting. Train passengers using Southern Rail experienced a service so bad some compared the speed of their trains to a Duggan slower ball.
Results & reports
Season Report
Cambridge Tour report
Cambridge Tour Gallery
Ken Block Trophy
2016 Predictions
Steve Meyler ECB Umpire
Social Report
Superstars on TMS
Roy Varghese 5 wicket
2017 Season
Overall Record: Won 13 Drew 2 Lost 19
2017 was the year hard right politics started controlling the western world, starting with a hostile dictatorship taking over the Superstars Committee. In more positive news Lincoln City became the first non-league side to make the last 8 of the FA Cup in over a 100 years, a shock even bigger than Barry winning the toss.
Results & reports
Season Report
2nd Cambridge Tour report
Ken Block Trophy
Barry 20 years tribute
Social Report
Lowest ever total
Stats Inquiry
Superstars' first test match
2018 Season
Overall Record: Won 12 Lost 19
2018 was the year when England actually did pretty well at a football world cup, the nation was so suprised that it did not notice that also in 2018 Gary Plahe hit a ball to the offside (admittedly a miscue). Meanwhile GDPR, a huge change in personal data, come into effect - unfortunately for many Superstars the law did not explicitly cover batting or bowling averages.
Results & reports
Season Review
Surrey tour(ish)
Ken Block Trophy
Social Report
Social Report
Club Best Ever Bowling
Huge 165no partnership
Lowest ever score
Even Lowerest ever score
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