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Ken Block Trophy
The Superstars gathered on 11th November 2011 to celebrate what had been a fine season on and off the pitch. They were delighted to out-fox the paparazzi again by avoiding booking the Dome or Royal Albert Hall but instead went for the Old Star in Westminster. Better luck next year the Sun! Despite the disappointing lack of red carpet there was a good buffet, lively chat and the ever popular stats to keep everyone amused - this year with added analysis that came from an overly long drinks session between Paul Gaught and Jim Owen, plus an overly long Gaught notice period before he left DfT! There was an excellent turnout, with legends from the past mixing with the current Superstars.
2011 Awards Good turnout 2011 Awards Good turnout
After the buffet was decimated and the free bar was but a pleasing memory the awards were presented with our hosts and comperes, Chairman Steve Meyler and Captain Barry Gigg, taking relative control of procedings. The usual long list of awards were presented, reflecting the good, the bad and the ugly of the Superstars' 2011 season. The winners of the trophies were-
Player of the Year
The New Sandeep
Batsman of the Year
Will Walker
Bowler of the Year
The New Sandeep
Player of the Tour
Rob Fox
New Sandeep Player of Year Will Batsman of Year New Sandeep Bowler of Year Rob Player of Tour
Equally fought over were the certificate awards, the pride of many a fridge or pinboard over the next year. The delighted winners (or in some cases should that be losers) of these awards were-
Players' batsman of the Year
Adam Spencer
Players' bowler of the Year
Fielder of the Year
Jeremy Keates
All Rounder of the Year
Chris Mountain
Improver of the Year
The New Sandeep
Most Regressed Player of the Year
Chris Mountain's hairline
Veteran of the Year
Peter Pan Gigg
Newcomer of the Year
Raj Trivedi
Catch of the Season
Jeremy Keates' one hander
Drop catch of the Season
Paul Gaught's bungle v LT Dinos
Player most likely to catch a skier
Paul Gaught
Player least likely to catch a skier
Simon Dancer
Biggest Poser in the Field
Sandeep, of course
Best Umpire
Matt Conway
Worst Umpire
Roy Varghese
Average Protection
Mike Taylor
Most Likely to Run you out
Barry Gigg, of course
Run Out of the Year
Ian Moxon running out Barry
Injury of the Year
Steve Meyler, generally
Worst Excuse for missing a match
Already an hour late Steve Meyler went to the wrong Feltham ground
Most missed former player
Tony Whitrod, for the moaning
Funniest Moment
Sandeep being run into the ground by Barry at Sunbury
Best Team Performance of the Year
Beating Hounslow Leisure at Sunbury
Worst Team Performance of the Year
Losing to Dodgers
Best Individual Performance of the Year
Himanshu Gautam, 59 versus Feltham
Favourite Opponents 2011
Dartford Harriers
Chairman speaks Chris wins Raj wins Himanshu wins
Despite all the awards already presented the highlight of the evening for all present was the presentation of the Ken Block Trophy, after our 2-1 series victory over Dodgers. Rob Fox kindly attended (the free beer might have helped!) to present the trophy to Steve and Barry, to cheers from those gathered. Drinking then continued into the night, so i'm told anyway as my memory of the later hours is rather hazy!
Ken Block Trophy celebrations
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