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Time and Place
Friday 21 February 2013, 6.30pm, Treasury Building
Chris Mountain (Chair), Richard Abigail, Matthew Conway, Adam Spencer, Will Walker, Vijay Anand, Jamie Ratcliff, Barry Gigg.
Paul Gaught, Jason Marchant, Mike Taylor, Mike Duggan, Steve Meyler, Simon Gundry, Ian Moxon.
Opening Statement
On behalf of the club, the Chairman expressed his deepest sympathy for the Marchant family following the recent passing of Mrs Marchant. Mrs Marchant was a great supporter of the club and we all hold fond memories of the warm welcomes we always recieved at the annual Dartford Harriers fixture. News also of a signing for the Colts, with the recent birth of baby Gaught [ed - technically Gaught-Allen].
Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the last AGM were unanimously Approved.
Chairman's Report
The Club chairman welcomed committee members and thanked them for their continuing support in running the team.
Treasurer's Report
Barry Gigg gave the Treasurers report. The Sparta grant for 2013 had been recieved. Kit costs for the season past were low. Nets and balls costs remained the same as 2012. Pitch costs had risen, plus fewer games were rained off than 2012 adding more costs. Looking ahead to the 2014 season, a reduced Sparta bid had been prepared in line with the belt-tightening across the Sparta family. The bid was approved and the committee agreed to reconvene for an EGM is the bid were not to be accepted.
Election of Officers
Ian Moxon gave notification of his intention to not seek re-election to the committee. This was noted and all officials were re-elected with the exception of Mr Moxon. Vijay Anand was also elected as joint fixtures secretary. Elected officers are as follows:-
ChairmanChris Mountain
SecretaryJason Marchant
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryPaul Gaught (Vijay Anand to cover "paternity leave")
Committee MembersMike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Paul Gaught, Will Walker, Matt Conway, Michael Duggan, Adam Spencer, Vijay Anand, Steve Meyler.
CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainPaul Gaught
AuditorRichard Abigail
No motions were received.
Arrangements for 2013 Season
Tour this year will be in Essex. Jim has led the organising committee with enthusiasm and the 4 games and hotel are all booked. Further details are available here
'Regular Season' fixtures
The 2014 fixture list was nearly complete. More home games would be played at South Wimbledon this year as prices at Chiswick are rising. The current fixture list can be found here
Any Other Business
The nets notifaction email has been sent. Chris Mountain said that he had broken his 2013 bowler of the year award. Recruitment posters are now up across Whitehall. Orange balls would be bought if they could be found at a reasonable price.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.45pm.
Chris Mountain, Covering as Secretary.
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