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Annual General Meeting
Time and place.
Friday 15 January 2021, 7pm, Online via Microsoft Teams.
Barry Gigg, Matthew Conway, Gary S Plahe, Jason Marchant, Paul Gaught, Ian Moxon, Mark Williams, Dan Forman, Steve Meyler, George Warren.
Richard Abigail, Michael Duggan, James Hewlett, Vijay Anand, Chris Mountain, John Bishop, Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Mike Kamellard, Mike Taylor, Simon Gundry, Will Walker, Harish Kumar, Rick Smith, Chris Thompson, Adam Spencer-Bickle, Merv Aranha.
Minutes of the last meeting.
These were agreed with one minor change.
Matters Arising.
There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report.
Chairman, Matthew Conway, thanked all the club officials for all their hard work during the last season. He said that during the challenging covid circumstances he was impressed that so many games had been arranged and had taken place. He thanked our opponents and all of our players for their flexibility.
He hoped that the club would be able to operate normally during 2021 but if that was not possible he knew that our club would rise to the challenge again and put on a varied line up of opponents. He also hoped that the club would continue to find ways to recruit new players despite the current challenges.
He said that he was looking forward to the club progressing next season.
Treasurer's Report.
The accounts had been audited. The Treasurer went through the details of income and expenditure and the forthcoming SPARTA bid. All players were reminded that if they were in DfT or DCLG then they should join Sparta at a cost of £2 a month or a one-off payment of £24 to the club for the year.
It was unlikely that there would be nets at the Oval this year, so this had not been added to the likely costs for the next financial year. Match subs were to remain the same as long as there was no increase in the cost of hiring pitches, although this was yet to be confirmed. Cricket balls was still a major kit expenditure.
Barry presented the bid that would be presented to SPARTA at their upcoming AGM. The bid was less than the previous year as kit expenditure this year was not likely to be as high as the previous year. The accounts and bid were agreed.
Banking Arrangements.
The treasurer said that at the previous AGM he had informed the club that all treasurers accounts at the Nationwide Building Society were likely to be closed in 2020. He said that this had not taken place in the last year but if this was to happen he would be given 90 days' notice to move the clubs account to another bank. The AGM agreed that he should continue to use his discretion to move the clubs account to a relevant bank account.
Election of Officers.
No nominations had been received. The following appointments were agreed unanimously. It was also noted that this was Barry Gigg's 23rd consecutive year as the club captain. Elected officers are as follows:-
Chair Matthew Conway
Secretary Jason Marchant
Treasurer Barry Gigg
Club Captain Barry Gigg
Fixture Secretary Vijay Anand
Committee Members Mike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Paul Gaught, Michael Duggan, Gary Plahe, Adam Spencer-Bickle, Simon Gundry, Ian Moxon, Vijay Anand, Steve Meyler, Richard Smith, Dan Forman, Mike Kamellard, Will Walker, Mark Anderson, James Hewlett, Harish Kumar, George Warren, Chris Underwood.
Vice-captain As and when required
Auditor Richard Abigail
No motions were received.
Arrangements for 2021 Season.
It was unlikely that the Pembrokeshire tour would take place in 2021 due to the ongoing Covid situation. It was suggested that the tour could be rearranged for the August Bank Holiday. This was to be considered. It was also suggested that a charity six a side tournament be held at some point during the season. It was noted that one six a side tournament was due to take place at the SPARTA sports day in July, should this event go ahead. There were no fully confirmed fixtures for 2021 as yet but Vijay was planning a similar amount of fixtures as last year. The first fixture was likely to be on 18th April. Until the situation regarding the relaxation of Covid restrictions was confirmed some clubs were unwilling to commit to dates for matches. Matt suggested that as a tour was not possible it may be possible to arrange some games in Surrey for the late May Bank Holiday weekend.
Paul said that he would ensure that fixtures were added to the Superstars website on a regular basis so that all players could keep abreast of developments.
Any Other Business.
Recruitment of new players was going to be difficult this year as the usual poster campaign was unlikely to go ahead. All were asked to think of ways that the club could recruit new members for the upcoming season. Some of the players recruited last year had moved Departments and were no longer available via email. All were asked to see if they had any other contact details for them.
Gary and Steve have been doing some work to ensure that the Superstars website was considered a secure site. They were currently doing a makeshift solution that needed updating every 2 to 3 months. They would be looking at finding a more permanent solution to this ongoing problem.
Adam Spencer-Bickle was standing down as the Stats guru and a new person would be needed to compile the Stats for the upcoming season. Gary S Plahe said that if no one else was available then he could do it on a temporary basis. The meeting thanked Adam for his excellent work on compiling the Stats.
An online catch up was to be arranged for late February.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.15pm.
Jason Marchant.