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Ken Block Trophy
Thursday 27th August 2020, 2pm start.
Dukes Meadow, Chiswick.
30 over match, weather was torrential rain.
Ken Block Trophy, Match 2 of 2 in the 2020 series.
Someone (my research tells me it was Gloria in White Men Cant Jump) said "Sometimes when you win, you really lose. And sometimes when you lose, you really win. And sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose." Maybe she was having sex with Woody Harrelson at the time and that's why she neglected to mention the possible outcomes from a no result?
Some of our readers might expect a match report to feature some cricket, so...
Our brave Superstars woke to see Carol on BBC breakfast give a forecast that could be best summarised as: dont try to play cricket today. Ignoring that warning we all congregated at Chiswick.
There was surprise that Barry won the toss, and more surprise from some that he chose to bowl. Dodgers did some batting, with Chris Big Hill Mountain the pick of our bowlers and Alok picking up a wicket too at the end when Mike held a catch from NJ, to score a bit over 200 from 30 overs. It rained a bit for most of the innings. Then it rain a lot. Stopped for a bit. Rained a lot more. Stopped for long enough for people to think we could play cricket. Started raining again as soon as we started playing cricket. Turns out Carol was right.
After a few overs, several drops and Matt bring unlucky enough to pick out a Dodger who could catch, common sense won out and the game was called off.
Gloria, in case you were wondering, sometimes when there's no result you really win!

Author: Adam Spencer-Bickle

Team: Gigg (c), Conway, Spencer-Bickle, McCann, Anand, Abigail, Mountain, Plahe, Singh, Duggan, Sears.
1 / 3
A rare moment of relative dry weather
2 / 3
They think it's all over
3 / 3
It is now

Notable drop: The numerous raindrops that confirmed Superstars as Ken Block Trophy winners.
Notable catch: In the conditions Mike Duggan's catch was a good effort.
Comedy Moment: The Dodgers Twitter feed on that afternoon.
Stat: This was Superstars' first abandoned match since 2007 (13 years).
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