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Shane Warne Shane Warne
"This is a ripper - I'll be spending the three minutes a day I don't spend flirting with Liz Hurley over twitter looking at the Superstars Website"
Bruno Tonioli Bruno Tonioli
"Oh darling, I love the timing, the elegance and the match report against Dodgers on Tues 5th July 2011. You've really raised your game. TEN."
Barack Obama President Barack Obama
"I was elected the first ever black president of the United States of America, but congratulating the Superstars on their website is the proudest moment of my life. Can we beat Dodgers? Yes we can."
Harry Hill Harry Hill
"Well, I like the long established Dodgers website, but I also like the fresh new Superstars website. But which one is better? There's only one way to find out...... FIGHT!"
Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg
"Facebook is currently has an estimated value of $1 billion. I'd swap it for the Superstars website though, as this is priceless. This is the way forward. What's this 'cricket' thing you occasionally mention though?"
David Bumble Lloyd David "Bumble" Lloyd
"Start the website"
Father Christmas Father Christmas
"This year I saved my best present until a few days after the Christmas. Hope you've been good children."
Graeme Swann Graeme Swann
"Leave me alone, Gaught. I mean it this time. I've huge dogs and expensive lawyers I can let loose. But yeah, the website sounds good. Now where's Max the cat gone?"
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