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Ken Block Trophy
Sunday 2nd August 2020, 1pm start.
Charlton Park, SE London.
40 over match, warm day.
Sometimes in sport the whole match, the result and most of the match detail are insignificant and forgotten because an incident so huge overshadows it. Who cares what the score was when Eric Cantona kung-fu kicked that fan? I doubt you remember who won the race where Zola Budd tripped Mary Decker. Who won when Sobers hit 6 sixes in an over at Swansea? No one knows and no one cares. The same is true of this match where the only thing worth remembering was that Alfie Moxon, aged 10 years and 267 days, became Superstars' youngest ever wicket taker.
Alfie, a (s)kiddy bowler bowling a decent pace, had caused more issues than most of his more senior team mates. The unfortunate Dipakj had reached 35 when Alfie just found a bit more from the pitch and bamboozled the batsman into a leading edge, with Vijay taking a simple catch at long on. A well deserved reward for toil on a sunny day. Alfie was also left 1 not out so probably would have won us the game if his teammates had hung around. He was well deserving of a magnum ice cream at close of play.
ps our thanks to Charlatans for being good sports.

Author: The Editor

Team: 10 no-hopers, Alfie Moxon.
1 / 4
Why do we even bother tossing?
2 / 4
Action shot.
3 / 4
Eeek, they might have a few too many there.
4 / 4
A Superstars Legend, with some bloke called Ian.

Notable drop: Let's say none and be charitable.
Notable catch: Everyone, including Vijay, was nervous when the ball headed his way but thankfully he held the catch off Alfie's bowling.
Comedy Moment: Barry foolishly putting our best batsman at the foot of the line up.
Stat: Alfie Moxon, at 10 years and 267 days, became the youngest ever Superstars wicket taker.
1st Innings
2nd Innings
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