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First Innings First Innings ScoreScore Score Score
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Match Report
After a very heavy shower the match surprisingly started on time. Matt C, Barry and George's flatmate Al all made it to 25 before retiring so the first wicket fell at around 100, a flurry of late wickets and a run out off the last ball which would prove vital saw us reach 122-4.
In response Epsom taxes decided to come out firing by taking Konrad on but Konrad took 3 wickets inc a George stumping and at 6 overs they were 42-4.
Another heavy shower ensued and while Taxes were keen to carry on the groundsman wasn't so it was left to Matt to locate a DLS app and find out that the match had in fact been tied. The rain soon stopped and we then enjoyed a few beers in the sun.
Barry Gigg (c), Matt Conway, George Warren, Gary Plahe, Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Michael Duggan, Steve Meyler, Richard Abigail, Mike Kamellard, Chris Thomson, Alex Brunt (aka George's housemate).
This tie was the 8th in the club's history (in almost 900 games) and the first decided by the wonderful and amazing Duckworth-Lewis-Stern system. 6 of the previous 7 ties happened in a cluster between 2012 and 2014.
Mike Kamellard is still on 99 wickets for the club - given he didn't get to bowl even the harshest judge may reconsider their cry of "jug avoidance".
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