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Match Report
Thursday delivered a promising start, with both sun and warmth, although by the evening this had faded to gloom, cloud and a hint of chill. Much was the hope that the Superstars would not suffer the same fate after a scintillating tie the night before. Rumours were circulating that this Superstars XI was more tail than head. Perhaps fittingly, Barry proceeded to lose the toss and we were put in to bat.
Gigg and Hewlett opened the batting and looked fairly comfortable. King's Road opened with some economical spin from Small, although frustration grew as both batsmen couldn’t quite capitalise on some nippy full tosses from Venkatesh at the other end. The opening pair were looking at finishing the fourth over for 19 runs until Hewlett chipped the final ball up in the air to square leg.
This brought Briggs out to the middle, resolutely holding one end as Barry was allowed to accumulate his way to retirement at the other, reaching 27 with a boundary. Sears came and went, bowled for a duck attempting to pull a not-so-short one from James, nicknamed ‘The Admiral’. A promising start had slowed to 39-2 off 10, notwithstanding a questionable call of Not-Out for a run-out where it looked from the boundary as though Briggs hadn't yet grounded his bat.
For a period Forman steadied the ship, guiding a couple of singles before racking up some tidy boundaries on his way to 21. By this point The Admiral had dispatched Briggs, knocking over his leg stump, before sending Foreman the same way with a snorter that somehow managed to pitch on leg and clip the top of off. Final figures 4-1-7-3. The final few overs saw Furst’s first runs for the club, scoring an industrious 15, with assistance from Brown (4) and J Allen-Perry (7) as Superstars scraped their way to 96-5.
Chasing a low score, King's Road opened aggressively. Bowling wasn't untidy by Superstars standards but Sherman and Burke managed to reach 31 off the first 3 overs. A change of tactic from Sears reaped immediate rewards. Switching to bowling round the wicket invited a leading edge from Sherman, caught at cover for 20. Burke retired shortly after for 25.
Duggan bowled accurately and with guile and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket after a tough chance was dropped. On the other hand, N Allen Perry must shoulder all the blame for not taking a wicket, as he dropped what can only be described as 'a sitter' off his own bowling. Forman provided a final sting in the tail, manipulating his length to bowl Newlove under his bat for 21, and get Keabing caught for 10. Not bad for 9 balls (1.3-0-7-2). Ultimately a tight over by J Allen Perry could only delay the inevitable for so long, and King’s Road finally took the win with the clouds drawing in the fifteenth over.
Barry Gigg (c), Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Ed Furst, Michael Duggan, James Hewlett, Chris Briggs, Matt Sears, Dan Forman, Matt Brown, James Allen-Perry, Nick Allen-Perry.
There were debuts for Matt Brown and Nick Allen-Perry, first runs for Chris Briggs, Matt Brown and Ed Furst and first catches for Ed Furst and Matt Brown.
Mike Kamellard is still on 99 wickets for the club - given he didn't play even the harshest judge may reconsider their cry of "jug avoidance" (although Phil Patten wouldn't).
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