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Jasper Carrot used to joke that as a Birmingham Fan "you lose some, you draw some". Sometimes it feels like that as a Superstar and after yesterday's tie against Dodgers Superstars arrived at Battersea Park to take on a good Kings Road side. There were issues even before the start as the game was "moved" to the second pitch (and frankly the first wasn't up to much) and Merv having a new Secretary of State after Matt Hancock was punished for the smallest error he's made in two years meant we were down to 10 players.
The match started with Paul winning the toss and electing to bowl on a rough old wicket that appeared to not seen a roller since a time before we'd heard of COVID. Konrad and Plahe made early inroads but Kings Road got into their stride. Mark Williams took an excellent catch when the ball was hit equidistant between him and Diwakar, Diwakar shouted "mine" but it was Mark's hand who held on. It was notable that the ball kept going in the air to where Merv would have fielded, so Kings Road's large score is yet another thing we can blame Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson for (although admittedly it might be below 1000s of necessary deaths, that's a matter for debate). Mikal Usman made a good Superstars debut with creditable figures of 3-0-17-0. Kings ended on 161.
The Superstars reply was about respectability. We didn't get bowled out despite some unplayable deliveries for Paul G, George and Mark W. Mike Duggan had to face an excellent bowler and did really well to hold him at bay for so long. Sam Farnham, after an unfortunate duck on his debut, showed excellent ability with a well crafted 26 retired and shared a vital 25 run partnership with other newbie Mikal (6). Gary hit an amazing shot literally right behind him for four. Harish and Konrad got a couple of handy not outs to ensure we weren't bowled out and got what one of opponents call "the Mandarin draw" although I'm pretty sure Merv would have scored 91 and led us to victory if Matt Hancock wasn't such an idiot.
So a thrashing but we kept respectability and there were some good moments and a promising couple of early performances. Oh and Jasper, in cricket it's "you lose some, you tie some".
Paul Gaught (c), Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Michael Duggan, Mikal Usman, Sam Farnham,
George Warren, Diwakar Patwal, Harish Kumar, Mark Williams, Gary Plahe.
Mikal Usman's debut, Sam Farnham's first runs for the club.
A good catch by Mark Williams from a steepling effort.
Our biggest defeat of the season so far, but less than 100 runs so that's something.
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