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Match Report
In the third over of this game Konrad recieved a serious finger injury fielding off his own bowling. WHilst i'm not saying Superstars would have won the game without that horrible incident it certainly affected our appetite for the game. Steve Meyler drove Konrad to St George's A&E in Tooting and returned to bowl the last over of thier innings.
OUr batting wasn't great, with people more concerned about Konrad's injury. Steve got a golden duck which he claims was his first ever (everyone is dubious about that). NAP and Barry at least pushed us to respectability.
Thankfully Konrad was in good spirits when Gary and Steve checked in with him after the game (and to return his bike) but all in all a Superstars game to forget.
Barry Gigg (c), Gary Plahe, Konrad Chodzko-Zajko, Diwaker Patwal, John Bishop.
Nick Allen-Perry, Steve Meyler, James Allen-Perry, Chris Thomson, Dan Forman.
This match will always be remembered for Konrad's horrible finger injury - get well soon KCZ.
Steve Meyler claims this was his first ever golden duck.
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