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Match Report
On a glorious sunny day in south London, Superstars took on a strong SMCC side. Superstars blessed with 13 players on the day, the talented Forman brothers, lesser talented father and several new caps, Sohail, Jatinder(JT) and NJ, took to the field in the first 40 overs. SMCC had a particularly strong batting line up and started well. Their aggressive approach helped them score a few boundaries early on with some aerial shots just missing our fielders. Eventually, we picked up our first wicket through Harry's bowling, when a good length ball, popped up a little and the batman lifted a ball to NJ at cover. This brought in the number 3 batsman, who was equally aggressive from the off. Unfortunately, he was dropped on 0 before he was eventually caught later in the innings but not before scoring 67 runs. A valuable wicket off Mike Duggan bowling and caught at deep mid-wicket by JT. Stan clean bowled the other opener, he also caught their 4th batsman off his dad's bowling, you owe him one there Dan. Mike D got his second, when one of SMCC's young talented all-rounders after making a quick 44 runs, run up the wicket probably looking for a 6 to make fifty was smartly stumped by our captain. Stan picked up his second wicket courtesy off a running one-handed wonder catch from Paul (yes, I couldn't believe it either!) [you seem to have omitted the words "clearly Superstars' fielder of the year" there Steve - Ed]. Sohail picked up a much-deserved wicket when a tickle down leg side was caught by wicket keeper Barry. NJ then took our final wicket before SMCC finished on 243 for 9.
Superstars started well but both openers who knew they had a set a reasonable run rate were both caught playing aggressive shots. NJ put on a lovely 53 coming in at 3 before he fell similarly trying to get on top of the run rate. JT with 20, John (Bish) 46 and Harry 18 (including a lovely 6 over the bowler's head) were all caught as well. Sohail, Gigg, Stan and Dan all fell cheaply but at that stage it was hit out or get out trying in vain to reach SMCC's target. Duggan left on 0 the only not out batsman, we finished on 198 off 37.5 overs.
Gary and Steve took turns fielding during the day, with Gary also getting a few overs in. More importantly, Gary bought several tins of beers for the team to enjoy post-match. Many thanks Gary [agreed - thanks Gary].
Barry Gigg (c), Paul Gaught-Allen, NJ, John Bishop, Stan Forman, Harry Forman,
Michael Duggan, Dan Forman, JT, Sohail, Matt Conway, Gary Plahe. (Steve Meyler acted as sub)
This was Sohail, JT and NJ's Superstars debuts.
If a video of Paul Gaught-Allen's one handed catch was playing, on loop, next to the Mona Lisa crowd would stare at that video all day.
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