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December 2014
/stats/2014.html Statistical Account of 2014 Season
Adam's really, really comprehensive account of the season
/stats/career.html Updated Career and Historical Stats
Adam's really, really comprehensive account of the club's history
/stats/clubs.html Updated Stats Clubs
There have been 4 additions to our illustrious Stats Clubs.
/stats/mvp.html All Time MVP Chart
The most valuable players in the club's history
/fixtures/dinos200815.html Superstars to play Dinos in 2015
We'll take on the Steve Norris inspired LT Dinos in August
/fixtures/nets2015.html 2015 Nets Details
Barry has organised nets for March and April 2015.
November 2014
/official/2014agm.html 2014 AGM date agreed
The 2014 AGM will take place on Friday 23rd January at Great Minster House.
/social/2014awards.html 2014 Awards Night Report
Apparently Alok didn't win every award - but find out who did
/fixtures/lueng070515.html First 2015 Fixture Agreed
LU Engineering on Thursday 7th May.
/tour/2015.html#sun First Tour Match Agreed
We'll be playing Christian Malford.
/profiles/jasonmarchant.html Updated Profile: Jason Marchant
Updated details on the man with possibly more runs against the club than for.
/fixtures/dartford300714.html Updated Harriers Match Report
A fuller report on an emotional game for Jason, as we lost.
/news/corruption.html Suspects named in Superstars Corruption
Investigations continue, but six Superstars continue to be under suspicion.
/tour/2015.html Wiltshire Tour Preview
Keep up-to-date with the plans for the upcoming tour.
/official/2013agm.html Minutes from the 2013 AGM
Better late than never, the minutes have arrived
October 2014
/history/2014seasonreport.html The 2014 Season Review
A successful tour, winning season but disappointment with a Test Star.
/fixtures/2014.html 2014 Results
Each result, including one from Radio 5Live and 2 tournaments.
/history/kbt.html#2014 The 2014 Ken Block Series
Only for mentally strong Superstars and gloating Dodgers visitors.
/social/2014awards.html 2014 Awards Night Preview
Friday 14th November 5pm, Jugged Hare.
/tour/2014.html Constable Country Tour Report
A very rare winning tour with a club record performance
/photos/2014tour01.html Constable Country Tour Gallery
Better late than never!
/stats/ties.html Superstars Corruption Allegations
We look into the rumours that corruption is rife in the club
September 2014
/fixtures/DAs120914.html Superstars nearly men again at 6DAs
Like England at football, but more hapless and fewer penalties
/fixtures/greensox040914.html Winning Season Confirmed
A convincing win over Green Sox left us at W14 L12 T3 in 2014
/fixtures/natarchives020914.html Non Losing Season Confirmed
Superstars clinched their 13th win of the season over Nat Archives
August 2014
/fixtures/tsol280814.html Superstars Judged equal to Solicitors
Abigail and Moxon snatch a tie in a frantic last over.
/fixtures/dinos210814.html Dinos caught out by Superstars
Abigail and Smith take blinding catches to snatch win.
/fixtures/kingston190814.html Superstars Avoid Tax Loss
Inspired by our greatest ever captain (Gundry Pld 1 Won 1).
/fixtures/lsekings130814.html Conway stars in close win
LSE Kings were royally beaten by Superstars.
/fixtures/kai120814.html Not Superstars' Greatest Day
We lost by 10 wickets to KAI Dragons and got wet.
/fixtures/makeawish090814.html Superstars' Greatest Day?
Superstars raised £602 for Charity makawish in a 6-a-side tournament. Well played.
/fixtures/legalcommission070814.html Superstars lose to Legal guys
Numerous players not wanting to be too close to lawyers, just in case.
/fixtures/dodgers050814.html Superstars make history
But in a bad way.
July 2014
/fixtures/dartford300714.html Emotional victory for Marchant
Dartford Harriers clinched a famous victory over us, with Jason starring.
/fixtures/kenwan230714.html Gigg For England
With Ali Cook struggling as England captain, the last thing he needed was.....
/fixtures/adhoc220714.html Superstars Princes of Regents
Superstars got back on track against the ex rail team Ad Hoc Exiles.
/fixtures/dodgers170714.html Dodgers claim Ken Block Trophy
A ringer heavy match bough about a close match, but a loss.
/fixtures/dodgers090714.html Superstars collapse to Dodgers
Despite Vijay and Steve's record partnership Dodgers won game 1 of the KBT.
/fixtures/natarchives020714.html Superstars win for the record
A good win against the good bunch from National Archives.
June 2014
/fixtures/boetournament250614.html Excellent Day, except the cricket
A wonderful day at the BoE tournament only spoilt by rubbish cricket.
/fixtures/hounslow170614.html The famous "One Short" tie
Steve "Spirit of Cricket" Meyler calls one short and yet another tie follows.
/fixtures/albamorphics100614.html Superstars mould win over Morphs
The first clash between the great clubs and we won!
/fixtures/treasury050614.html Treasury loss hits Superstars balance
In all honesty we were thrashed!
/fixtures/commons030614.html Ties now getting Common
Yet another tie, this time against Commons Old Boys.
May 2014
/profiles/stevemeyler.html Updated Profile: Steve Meyler
Updated Profile of our former Chairman and club sleeping legend.
/profiles/rhysmeyler.html New Profile: Rhys Meyler
Profile of promising youngster Rhys.
/fixtures/pirates200514.html Pirates make Gigg walk plank
Barry's pitch judgement is bought into sharp focus in convincing loss.
/fixtures/lueng150514.html Superstars engineer LU victory
A comprehensive victory against a team of 8 players
/fixtures/rssb140514.html Superstars on Frasier Crane Phone In
As Superstars snatch defeat from the jaws of victory v RSSB
/profiles/adamspencer.html Updated Profile: Adam Spencer
The regular opener and stats guru is also a film star, if i've understood the profile.
/fixtures/2014.html DEFRA clash cancelled
There was disappointment when the first "regular" game of the season was rained off
/stats/career.html#bestbowling Singh locks in Superstars Best Bowling
The records tumbled as Simon and Alok took 5-4 and 6-34 in two days.
/tour/2014.html Surprisingly successful tour on pitch
In a rare tour we won more than we lost and there was plenty of "team bonding" too.
April 2014
/fixtures/sausagesandwichgame260414.html Superstars lose Sausage Sandwich Game
Season starts badly as Gaught loses on Danny Baker 5Live Show.
/fixtures/2014fixtures-preview.html 2014 Fixtures Preview
A quick run through the fixtures for this season.
/fixtures/2014.html (Pretty much) Finalised Fixture List
Games will take place from 2nd May to 28th August.
/tour/2014.html Updated Details for 2014 Tour
The hotel is booked and games arranged. Just the weather left.
/profiles/richardabigail.html New Profile: Richard Abigail
A profile about someone even Phil Patten couldn't be (too) nasty about.
/history.html#2013 We look back to last year.
2013 was a great year for Superstars as we actually played games on tour.
/history/2013seasonreport.html The Official 2013 Superstars Review
Will Walker and Chris Mountain made club history. And we ended 8 unbeaten.
/news/gladstone-small.html Gladstone Small joins Superstars
The Ashes winner and cricketing legend will play occasionally for Superstars this year.
/fixtures/legalcommission070814.html Superstars v Legal Commission
We'll take on old friends LSC on Thursday 7th August.
March 2014
/fixtures/natarchives020714.html Superstars v National Archives
The first part of our early July double-header
/fixtures/richmond030714.html Superstars v Richmond Royals
The second part of our early July double-header
/history.html#1991 Our time machine ends up in the year 1991.
Tim Berners-Lee established the first website, believed to contain Superstars results.
/images/bocs090791.jpg Superstars are humbled by BOCS
There was embarrassment throughout the club losing to Kentish et al.
/fixtures/dodgers220514.html Ken Block Trophy Match 1 confirmed
We will play Dodgers on Thur 22nd May at our new Abbey Recreation Ground.
/fixtures/albamorphics100614.html Superstars v Albamorphics
We will play new opponents Albamorphics on Tues 10th June. Full details here.
/fixtures/tilberg180614.html Superstars v Tilberg Regents
We will play Tilberg Regents on Wed 18th June. Full details here.
/tour/2014.html Updated Details for 2014 Tour
The hotel is booked and games arranged. Just the weather left.
/history.html#2008 Our time machine ends up in the year 2008.
Woolworths stores starting closing after an unsuccessful 'Superstars Nude Calendar'.
/social/2008awards.html Chris Mountain is Player of the Year
Our Chairman and hero Chris Mountain proved his worth on the pitch
/fixtures/mervtournament120614.html Superstars at Merv's Tournament
We will play the 8-a-side Tournament on Thur 12th June. Full details here.
/fixtures/adhoc220714.html Superstars v Ad Hoc Exiles
We will play Ad Hoc Exiles on Tues 22nd July. Full details here.
/fixtures/kai120814.html Superstars v KAI Dragons
We will play KAI Dragons on Tues 12nd August. Full details here.
/tour/2014.html Updated Details for 2014 Tour
The hotel is booked and games arranged. Just the weather left.
/history.html#2006 Our time machine ends up in the year 2006.
Daniel Craig made his Bond debut after Steve Meyler was unavailable.
/fixtures/hounslow060906.html Walker hits only ever 20 over ton
Will Walker's first century for the club was a club first
Club mourns Joyce Marchant
We're sad at the passing of Joyce Marchant. Our thoughts are with Jason and his family.
/fixtures/rssb140514.html Superstars v RSSB
We will play the Rail Safety & Standards Board on Wed 14th May. Full details here.
/history.html#1999 Our time machine ends up in the year 1999.
The Euro was introduced, to encourage Superstars to head abroad.
/fixtures/dodgers190899.html Tony Whitrod hits club 2nd Ton
And Phil Patten was naturally delighted
February 2014
Nothing happened in February 2014 to Superstars CC deemed worthy of adding to this website. In completely unrelated news Paul became a dad.
January 2014
/history/kbt.html Updated Ken Block Trophy Page
The new page shows fixtures back to 1994 and reports on many of those.
/fixtures/treasury050614.html Superstars v Treasury & Cabinet Office
Our game against old friends HMT&CO will be on Thursday 5th June. Full details here.
/history.html#1995 Our time machine ends up in the year 1995.
'Fever Pitch' by Nick Hornby, a novel about fans of Superstars, was published.
/photos/magicmoments05.html Matt Conway's Superstars Debut
Having already played against Matt saw the light in this match
/photos/1996tour1.html UPDATED: Superstars Line Ups
Click the gold arrows, not the blue ones to check out the haircuts!
/fixtures/2014.html A few provisional fixtures added to list
A few likely dates, yet to be 100% confirmed, are now on the website
/fixtures/weasels280514.html Superstars v New Barbarian Weasels
Our game against old friends NBW will be on Wednesday 28th May. Full details here.
/fixtures/lueng150514.html Superstars v LU Engineering
We play LU Engineering on Thurs 15th May. Full details here.
/history.html#2003 Our time machine ends up in the year 2003.
Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea after admitting he couldn't afford Superstars CC.
/fixtures/dcms130803.html Superstars Record 11th Wicket Partnership
Yes, 11th wicket, find out how.....
/fixtures/dodgers090714.html Ken Block Trophy: Superstars v Dodgers
The often pivital afternoon match will take place on Wed 9th July. Full details here.
/fixtures/pirates200514.html Superstars v TfL Pirates
We play TfL Pirates, after last's year's tie, on Tues 20th May. Full details here.
/fixtures/kingston190814.html Superstars v Kingston Taxes
We play the new opponents Kingston Taxes on Tues 19th August. Full details here.
/fixtures/dinos210814.html Superstars v LT Dinos
We shall be taking on old friends LT Dinos on Thurs 21st August. Full details here.
/fixtures/kenwan230714.html Superstars v Kensington Wanderers
After last year's first ever victory we take on KW on Wed 23rd July. Full details here.
/fixtures/defra080514.html Superstars v DEFRA Allstars
We play DEFRA Allstars, just after tour, on Thurs 8th May. Full details here.
/fixtures/lsekings130814.html Superstars v LSE Kings
We play the joint LSE/Kings COllege staff side on Wed 13th August. Full details here.
/history.html#1992 Our time machine ends up in the year 1992.
It was an "Annus Horribilis" for anyone who saw nudity in the Superstars' changing room.
/history/1992captainreport.html First ever captain Pete Frost signs off
Pete's final season as captain bought much success and tearful scenes as he resigned.
/fixtures/commons030614.html Superstars v Commons Old Boys
We shall be taking on Commons Old Boys on Tuesday 3rd June. Full details here.
/fixtures/dartford300714.html Superstars v Dartford Harriers
We shall be taking on Jason's Dartford Harriers XI on Wednesday 30th July.
/tour/2014.html The Only Way is Essex
Details of this year's Tour to beautiful Constable Country.
/history.html Updated History Section
Enjoy a full history lesson and year by year details from the Club Archives.
/profiles/jimowen.html UPDATED PROFILE: Jim Owen
A profile of our the sambucca loving tour organiser.
/profiles/paulgaught.html UPDATED PROFILE: Paul Gaught
A heavily edited (only kiddin') profile of Website Guru and dad-to-be.
/history.html#2001 Our time machine ends up in the year 2001.
In the 2001 Census 425,000 people said their religion "Superstars Cricket".
/tour/2001.html Superstars Tour Yorkshire in 2001
Amazingly Sir Geoffrey Boycott allowed this bunch of jokers into his county.
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