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December 2013
/history.html#2011 Our time machine ends up in the year 2011.
In 2011 there were riots in central London when a Superstars match was cancelled.
/news/launch.html Superstars Website Launches
This website was launched in late December 2011, after a huge social media campaign.
/profiles/aloksingh.html NEW PROFILE: Alok Singh
A rare Superstar, one with some cricketing talent gets a well deserved profile.
/profiles/mikekamellard.html NEW PROFILE: Mike "Phantom" Kamellard
A profile of our longest serving player and surely future Hall of Fame inductee.
/photos/2009tour35.html Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
We wish our players, officials, supporters, opponents and legends a fantastic break.
/profiles/barrygigg.html UPDATED PROFILE: Barry Gigg
Updated profile of our captain, hero and Mr Superstars.
/history.html#2009 Our time machine ends up in the year 2009.
Torygraph published MP expenses but not Superstars expenses (lucky for Barry).
/fixtures/lse220709.html Meyler impresses for Superstars
Rhys impresses on debut, meaning he impresses once more than his dad ever has.
/stats.html The Complete Club Statistical Collection
Annual Stats from 1988 to 2013, Career Stats, Stats Clubs and Website Stats.
/profiles/ricksmith.html NEW PROFILE: Rick Smith
A profile of our new all rounder and resident Northerner.
/blogs/fanzine0101.html Here Comes The Rain Fanzine
We've found a valuable first edition of the Superstars Fanzine with some great content.
/history.html#1998 Our time machine ends up in the year 1998.
Man Utd created their own TV channel, to rival the ill-fated 'Patten & Carter Show'
/stats/1998.html An unbelievable year for Superstars Records
1998 still holds the records for most runs, wickets and catches by individual Superstars.
/profiles/jezkeates.html UPDATED PROFILE: Jeremy Keates
A profile of the greatest swinger in town.
/history.html#1993 Our time machine ends up in the year 1993.
The year of a false start in the Grand National and Phil's expensive holidays.
/stats/1993.html The first Superstar to 50 wickets
The 1993 stats show us who was first to this major landmark and much more.
/profiles/vijayanand.html NEW PROFILE: Vijay Anand
A profile of our award winning all rounder and new temporary fixture secretary.
November 2013
/stats/career.html Superstars Career and Historical Statistics
Updated to the end of the 2013 Season - including new elements.
/stats/clubs.html Superstars Stats Clubs
An improved page showing the 4 Stats Clubs & 5 players in all 4.
/history.html#2005 Our time machine ends up in the year 2005.
Included in the delights from this are two videos of us in action ("Dangerman Abigail").
/tour/2005.html Infamous "Hovel Tour" report
The reason some Superstars still recieve counselling.
/photos/2013awards01.html Awards Night Photo Gallery
Some pictures from a night of glamour and style
/history.html#1996 Our time machine end up in the year 1996.
A year of Gazza great goal versus Scotland and Superstars' first ever tour.
/history/1996neilbenn.html Neil Benn's 15 reasons for leaving Superstars
Phil documented all the reasons for the record.
/stats/2013.html 2013 Superstars Season Statistics
The stats behind the "season of the ties".
/history.html#2012 Our time machine end up in the year 2012.
It's not that long ago, but still history.
/social/2012awards.html Steve Meyler's PowerPoint Presentation
Steve's summing up of the season was famous.
/social/2013awards.html Superstars Awards Night Winners
The comprehensive list of winners, losers and boozers from this year's Awards.
/history.html#1990 Our time machine end up in the year 1990.
The decade began with Superstars going from strength to strength.
/photos/magicmoments03.html Barry's Superstars Debut
Against BOCS on 5 June 1990
October 2013
/history.html#2000 Our time machine end up in the year 2000.
The new millenium started was a groundbreaking Superstars season.
/fixtures/housingcorp010800.html The highest Superstars partnership of all time
But by who? And against whom?
/official/committee.html New Fixture Secretary for 2014.
Vijay will kindly cover Fixture Secretary duties for Paul when he's on Paternity Leave.
/history.html#2007 Our time machine end up in 2007.
The New Wembley Stadium was opened, with Superstars not even invited to play.
/fixtures/sportsday200707.html Possibly Superstars' greatest moment
Sports Day 2007 was a near wash out, but how did it become a Superstars Triumph?
/history.html#1994 Our time machine end up in 1994.
The National Lottery told us "It could be you". It wasn't.
/stats/1994.html#stevecarteranalysis Statistical analysis of Steve Carter
Did he take the shine off the ball effectively? Was he a rare talent?
/history.html#1988 Our time machine end up in 1988.
The earliest year of meaningful Superstars records
/photos/magicmoments01.html Steve Meyler's Superstars Debut
Looking at the card we're not 100% sure it's genuine but assuming it is, well done Steve!
September 2013
/history.html#2004 Our time machine end up in 2004.
A year when we starting loving Kelly Holmes and were introduced to the Special One
/history/barryemail09062004.html How Paul Gaught was recruited to Superstars
We've uncovered an e-mail that bought the current Vice Captain to the club.
/news/quiz-autumn2013.html Children In Need Quiz
Jim and Paul will be running their next quiz for Children In Need - details here.
/social/2013awards.html Superstars Awards Night: Details
Don't tell the paparazzi but here are the details for the 2013 Superstars Awards.
/fixtures/2013.html Final Results for 2013 Season.
A great season with 15 wins, 12 losses & 2 ties. Includes match reports for each game.
/history/2013seasonreport.html 2013 Superstars Season Review
Vice Captain Gaught looks back fondly at the 2013 Season.
/history.html#1997 Our time machine end up in 1997.
A year when people liked Tony Blair and England were pretty good at football!
/fixtures/osd97.html Superstars' first ever ton
Barry's inspirational 100 beat an OSD team starring Merv.
/fixtures/DAs060913.html 6DAs Wash Out
6-a-side cricket at the 6DAs was unfortunately rained off.
August 2013
/fixtures/tsol290813.html Superstars "steam" to victory in East 17
In Walthamstow Superstars dig "deep" to ensure "It's alright" against T Sol.
/fixtures/dinos220813.html Win over Dinos ensures Winning season
4 run outs contribute to keep Dinos to a low total and a Superstars win
/fixtures/natarchives200813.html Archives dusted off by Superstars
A solid team display from Superstars using a junior sized match ball
/fixtures/weasels140813.html Another Walker Century beats Weasels
Will's 2nd century in 5 weeks with Raj, Alok and Vijay also starring in big win.
/fixtures/legalcommission080813.html Superstars sentance Legal Services to loss
Rhys Meyler takes first ever wicket as Superstars win a thriller.
/fixtures/dodgers060813.html Vintage effort ensures Trophy retained.
One of the great Ken Block Trophy team performances ensured a convincing win.
/news/3peaks.html Superstar conquors 3 peaks
Mark Williams took on 3 peak challenge for the Evelina Children's Hospital.
July 2013
/fixtures/dartford310713.html Spirited Harriers downed by Superstars
Strong all round performance with young Damon making a promising Superstars debut.
/fixtures/kenwan240713.html Saintly performance by Superstars
A wonderful bowling effort and solid batting brings Sups victory over Ken Wan
/fixtures/adhoc230713.html 9 man Superstars rightly beaten by Ad Hoc
Again a lack of players was the vital difference between the two sides
/fixtures/sportsday190713.html Great Day for club at Sports Day
Souperstars took on Superstars in the final - but who won?
/fixtures/richmond170713.html Anchors ship victory
Superstars win by 10 wickets despite only 9 men
/fixtures/epsom160713.html Meylers combine for Superstars victory
Steve stars with the ball, then Rhys calmly guides us home with the bat against Epsom
/fixtures/dodgers100713.html Superstars fall casualty to Dodgers
Despite a wonderful 100 from Will Walker Superstars go 1 down in KBT
/blogs/paulgaught002.html Ashes Preview
Paul's 2nd blog is on next week's 2nd biggest derby match.
/fixtures/greensox040713.html Mountain Sox it to Greens
Supoerstars win over improved Green Sox after 5 wickets for Mountain
/fixtures/kai020713.html KAI outclass sorry Superstars
10 wicket loss for 10 man Superstars
June 2013
/fixtures/boetournament270613.html Fixtures cock up
Superstars can't make BoE Tournament. Gaught shame.
/fixtures/hounslow200613.html 8 man Superstars beaten at Sunbury
Despite some excellent ringing by Rick Smith we struggle to a loss.
/fixtures/adhoc190613.html Last Over win over Ad Hoc
Vijay run out from the boundary wins match
/history/youtube.html Superstars action from YouTube
You can now comment on quotes like "dangerman Abigail".
/fixtures/dcms130613.html Match v DCMS CANCELLED
Unfortunately DCMS could not raise a side and hence the game is off.
/stats/websitestats-june2013.html The global Reach of Superstars
A look at the 56 nations who have taken Superstars to their hearts.
/fixtures/treasury060613.html Hapless fielding costs Superstars
Treasury take advantage, despite good efforts by Roy, Merv, Chris & Rick
/fixtures/commons040613.html Superstars lose another thriller
Alok fails to hit 4 off last ball to win game - Sky Sports interested in following us.
/news/3peaks.html Superstar aiming to conquor 3 peaks
Mark Williams is taking on 3 peak challenge for the Evelina Children's Hospital.
May 2013
/fixtures/2005.html The 2005 fixture list
Unfortunately not many results are known.
/fixtures/lsekings290513.html Royal victory for Superstars
SCC beat the rain and LSE to gain solid victory.
/fixtures/dodgers230513.html Another tie in Ken Block Trophy
Superstars run a chaotic 3 off the last ball to avoid defeat.
/history/kbt.html Ken Block Trophy History
Learn about the major cricketing trophy up for grabs this summer.
/fixtures/tilberg220513.html Superstars Princes of Belair
Adam narrowly misses a 50 but Superstars win clearly.
/fixtures/rssb150513.html Superstars stung by waspish RSSB
Stingers win another thrilling finish with excellent last wicket stand.
/fixtures/hounslow140513.html First cancellation of the year
Hounslow Leisure: Tuesday 14th May.
/fixtures/defra090513.html Superstars blown off course by DEFRA
In windy conditions Superstars lost our second last over thriller of the week.
/fixtures/pirates080513.html Superstars share spoils with Pirates
Jason, Kamal and Barry star as Superstars stay afloat.
/stats/career.html#partnerships NEW SUPERSTARS RECORD
Mike and Vijay break 9th wicket partnership record at Hambledon.
/tour/2013.html Hampshire Tour Report
A cracking weekend- with batting collapses, Rod Stewart and a mobility scooter.
/photos/2013tour01.html 2013 Tour Pictures.
With some great pictures from Mitra.
April 2013
/news/2013chairman-message.html Chairman's Pre Season Message
Chris' first major pronouncement since being elected welcomes in the new season.
/news/2013captain-message.html Captain's Pre Season Message
Barry's new season message to the players and loyal fans.
/fixtures/2013fixtures-preview.html 2012 Fixture Preview.
A quick run through the fixtures for this season.
/fixtures/2013.html The finalised 2013 fixture list
With fixtures from early May to last August, and one pending.
/tour/2013.html 2013 Tour Preview
Including a possible 2020 Tournament and potential pubs.
/news/2013weather.html Long Range Season Weather Forecast
Superstars have enlisted a BBC forecaster to look forward to the season.
/fixtures/varghese-tea-rating.html The Varghese Cake Rating
New ranking system looks sweet for the 2013 season.
March 2013
/news/marathongaughtman2.html Support Vice's Marathon Efforts
There are a quiz, a cake sale and a post marathon food/drinks celebration.
/fixtures/2013.html Final(ish) fixture list
32 fixtures on the list - probably everything except the 6DAs.
/photos/2004sportsday1.html 2004 Sports Day Winners
A media report and picture from our triumpant 2004 lineup.
/blogs/paulgaught001.html Our first ever blog
And it's a thank you to former Chairman Steve Meyler
February 2013
/tour/1998.html Our greatest bowling performance
Read and comment on Neil Benn's six wickets.
/tour/2003.html Our highest ever score
Read and comment on Ilyas Malick's 126no.
/fixtures/2013.html More fixtures added for this season
Our fixture list is now 28 matches, with more to come.
/tour/2013.html Hotel details for 2013 Tour confirmed
Same place as last year, but with better weather. Loads of other tour details too.
/tour/1996.html Relive & discuss the first ever tour
With tour getting closer relive the 1996 tour, now with comments feature.
/photos/1996tour1.html 1996 Tour Gallery
Check out the haircuts! Check out the fashion! Now with comments feature.
/news/barry-runout-counselling.html Advert for Barry Gigg Run Out Counselling
Please book early to avoid disappointment.
/news/recruitment-poster.ppt Superstars Recruitment is on!
New players are always welcome
/news/quiz.html Charity Sports Pub Quiz
To raise funds for Havens Hospice, Paul's London Marathon Charity.
/fixtures/2013.html 2013 Fixtures List hits 23 matches
New fixtures include new opponents TfL Pirates and perenial favourites HMT&CO.
January 2013
/news/2013kitsurvey.html 2013 Kit Survey
Please send Jason details of kit you have.
/official/2012agm.html Minutes from the 2012 AGM
Held on Friday 11th January.
/official/committee.html New committee Line Up
Following the AGM held on Friday 11th January.
/fixtures/dartford300703.html 2003 Dartford Harriers Report
A win by 150 runs with Jason getting a duck!
/fixtures/dartford250702.html 2002 Dartford Harriers Report
A win but Jason gets a 50 we'll never hear the end of!
/news/2013netdates.html Net Dates Announced
Nets will take place 6pm-7pm at the Oval, March & April
/official/steve-stands-down.html Steve Meyler stands down from Chairman
Legend Steve handed over the reins after a successful reign.
/fixtures/2013.html 2013 Fixtures Arranged
Eight regular season games have now been organised.
/official/2012agm-agenda.html Superstars AGM - Friday 11th January
Remember no vote, no voice. Superstars Christmas Special
Watch the 2012 Superstars Special on iplayer
/fixtures/2013.html First few 2003 fixtures arranged
Includes a favourite against Dartford Harriers.
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