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Friday 28th April - Shepton Mallet
The Superstars arrived at the hotel to find a clear improvement on the previous year's "hovel". Much well done to Sarah Conway for finding a location where apparently the BBC stay during the Glastonbury Festival. I'm going to completely make up a rumour that I stayed in a room that Jo Whiley was to use a matter of weeks later.
The game was close and we're not quite sure whether we won or lost. I, Paul Gaught, am going to stick my neck out and say we lost. The fact people aren't sure whether we won or lost but remember smell of fermenting pears (the babysham factory was on the other side of the valley) as the defining memory says a lot. Thatchers' Cheddar Valley, their 'nuclear orange' cider is a favourite memory.
Saturday 29th April - Axbridge
We lost. We played at a Sports Centre and struggled to a low total after losing 2 wickets in the first over with only Paul G and Ken (late on) saving us from an embarrassing total. Although they wobbled at times it was a relatively routine tour loss.
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Sunday 30th April - v Wookey (in Wells)
We won relatively easily after a trip for a pasty and wander round the town and cathedral. They ended up with a small total and we chased them quite comfortably. There may have even been a beer match, no one is sure. We lost at skittles though, at their Pheasant pub where Thatchers' Farmers Tipple (7.9% ABV) had the desired and undesired effects.
Monday 1st May - Upton and Buckton Cricket Club (at Frome Rugby Club)
We batted first and hit a pretty big total. The supporters were cold as the ground was rather exposed to the elements and the pavilion a rugby pitch length away. They hardly got anything (100 at most) and that was because the joke bowlers made an appearence. We all remember the quirky pub by the railway we went to after the game which still sold beer out of a hatch, served by two people with at least 150 years between them, with the main tipple being half and half (cider and bitter).
In the evening the barman in the hotel, who'd claimed to be a bit of a snooker player (he was good, but not as good as he claimed is my suggestion), made the promise that he'd keep the bar open as long as the snooker final was still going. At the time Graeme Dott was cruising and a reasonable finishing time seemed inevitable. Unfortunately for our ale server Peter Ebdon made a magnificent comeback, including some wonderfully long, tactical frames! Each new frame was greeted with delight and a new round until 1am when the shutters were drawn as Dott lifted the trophy 17-15. It was the latest finish ever in the snooker final.
Player of the Tour: Paul Gaught
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