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Superstars 2022 season
Date Opponents H/A Ground Type Start Manager Details
Sun 24 St Anne's Allstars Lost by 6 wkts Superstars 161-6 (Harris 45*) Allstars 164-4 (Hewlett 2-34)
Sun 1 Mandarins Lost by 5 wkts Superstars 131ao (Gaught-Allen 55) Allstars 132-4 (Duggan 2-11)
Wed 4 Epsom Taxes Lost by 6 wkts Superstars 103-5 (Smith 29*) Taxes 104-4 (Plahe 1-16)
Tue 10 Reserves XI Won by 16 runs Superstars 118-6 (Spencer-Bickle 20) Reserves 102-3 (Plahe 1-13)
Thu 19 Allstars Won by 3 wkts Allstars 114-8 (Mountain 3-12) Superstars 116-7 (Conway 23)
Thu 26 Dodgers Lost by 6 wkts Superstars 83ao (Lovell 33*) Dodgers 84-4 (Chodzko-Zajko 2-15)
Tue 31 Bricklayers' Arms Lost by 47 runs Brickies 136-4 (Plahe 2-35) Superstars 89-5 (Lovell 22)
Thu 2 Fishguard & Goodwick Won by 5 wkts F&G 130-7 (Spencer-Bickle 2ct, 1ro) Superstars 132-5 (Warren 33*)
Fri 3 Llangwm Won by 4 wkts Llangwm 143ao (D.Forman 5-9) Superstars 144-6 (Singh 28*)
Sun 5 Haverfordwest Cancelled due to rain
Thu 9 King's Road Won by 1 wkt KR 90ao (Harris 4-7, Anand 2-16) Superstars 92-8 (Gigg 35*, 10k)
Thu 16 Hendricks XI Won by 3 wkts Hendricks 125-9 (Anand 4-18) Superstars 129-7 (Anand 33no)
Wed 22 LSE Staff Cancelled due to students
Tue 28 Dodgers Won by 33 runs Superstars 159-4 (Anand 36*) Dodgers 126-5 (Chodzko-Zajko 2-15)
Mon 4 Ad Hoc Outlaws A Regents Park T20 6pm George Warren Preview
Wed 13 LSE Staff A Berrylands PM 2pm George Warren Preview
Tue 19 Westminster A Battersea Pk T20 6pm John Bishop Preview
Fri 22 Sports' Day N Chiswick 6s Noon Jason/Barry/TBC Preview
Sun 24 Merv Tournament N Caterham PM Noon Merv Aranha Preview
Tue 26 CIPA ITMA A Ally Park T20 6pm John Bishop Preview
Sun 31 Charlatans A Charlton Park PM 2pm Vijay Anand Preview
Thu 4 Tideway & Jacobs H Chiswick T20 6pm Diwakar Patwal Preview
Wed 10 Marauders H Chiswick T20 6pm Diwakar Patwal Preview
Thu 18 LT Dinos H Chiswick T20 6pm James Hewlett Preview
Thu 25 Dodgers N Abbey Rec PM 2pm James Hewlett Preview
Wed 31 Bank of England A Oberon Fields PM 2pm Jason Marchant Preview
Sat 3 Green Sox H Dundonald Rec PM 2pm Jason Marchant Preview
Wed 7 SMCC Midweek XI A Forest Hill PM 2pm Steve Meyler Preview
15-16 CSSC Games N Loughborough Uni 6s TBC Jason Marchant to come
Sat 17 Prince's Head A Richmond Gn PM 2pm Steve Meyler Preview
*This match traditionally includes a supplied tea but, you know, no guarantees - keep your eye out for news.
**The ground is yet to be booked, but hopefully this won't be an issue.
Note for home games: We charge opponents £TBC (if they supply a ball) or £TBC+10 (if they don't).
Contact Details for Grounds (in the event of rain, global pandemic or mass hysteria caused by Barry winning a toss): TBC