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The 2012 Superstars Season will be less remembered for the skills and ineptitude on the pitch and more for the rain which meant exactly half our fixtures (18/36 fact fans) were cancelled and many others played when sane people would have stayed in the pub. Indeed the first NINE fixtures were all rained off and things didn't improve much until mid July when Jason single handedly moved the jet stream to ensure beautiful sunshine at our Dartford match, the London Olympics and Paralympics.
The major rain casualty was the Hampshire Tour which was completely washed out without even a suggestion of a ball being bowled in anger. Tour was therefore renamed the 'Dampshire Tour' by Jason. We still managed to go to two famous grounds (Hambledon and Broadhalfpenny Down) as well as the famous Bat and Ball pub but unfortunately only nice pictures and memories were obtained at them - not jaw dropping cricketing embarrassments. This did allow more time for drunken tomfoolery, and some people (ahem Steve) made the most of every milli-second.
So after nine rained off games follwed a frustrating cancellation because Feltham couldn't raise a side, which meant we faced Dodgers in our first game of the year - while Dodgers had managed 4 matches (all won) in preparation. In a game that will go down in Ken Block Trophy history Barry and Raj T ran a 4 off the last ball of the game to tie the match 142 each after Bungle's 61 was the centre point of the innings while Roy, Jason and Mike Duggan took the plaudits with the ball. The second game of the series, and the only afternoon game of the 2012 series, arrived in July under rainy skies. Adam starred with a 50 but Superstars collapsed badly to a snooker players favourite of 147 - defendable on a greasy wicket. However Dodgers looked ahead of the game most the way despite wonderfully economic bowling from Jeremy but late wickets (particularly from Jason and Mike T) meant Dodgers ended up 5 short. The series was retained but the club wanted a series win, which came in August as we chased down 111 - a total that looked easy midway through the innings but then gloom, dark and ineptitude took over but Scott got us there. Three wonderfully close matches with Superstars at least feeling like all were wins - a perfect Ken Block Trophy series for the Superstars.
Anyway we managed to skip some showers to record victories over LSE (now essentially a merged LSE and Kings College side) and Science Museum. Our first loss came in a terrifically close match (again in drizzle) against DCMS at Imber Court - with DCMS clinching a one wicket victory despite great bowling from Jeremy and Mike Duggan which was followed by a relatively routine victory over DWP (Merv, Jim and Mike Taylor starring).
One of the high points was a rare victory over the Bank of England in their own tournament (almost rude) but a loss to KAI Dragons (who we lost to again a couple of weeks later) meant that the tournament was a three-way tie.
Sports Day is always a highlight of the year and this one was particularly memorable as not only did our 2nd 6 beat Dodgers they then managed to beat the 1st 6. Just a shame captain Jason can hardly remember it after an overnight Olympic taxi shift (apparently not a euphamism). Speaking of our non-spinning spinner five days later we headed to the Costa-Del-Dartford. The food was great, the sun shone and we won - wow isn't this what cricket is supposed to be like. This was in the middle of a six game winning streak when the sun was at least seen in glimpses, as was Superstars' talent.
The season faded, fittingly, into a spiral of rained off and cancelled fixtures - some rather farcial if truth be known. We're indebited to Hounslow Leisure who stepped in at later notice to play us at Imber Court, and then pretty comprehensively beat us. The final week of action bought two very opposite games - both victories - with a rather ill-tempered game versus MoJ (the high point being it was Rhys Meyler's first ever victory for Superstars) and a game played in excellent spirit against LT Dinos where Barry and Vijay got us home.
So in many ways a frustrating season which never got any momentum however 13 wins and a tie in 18 matches is an impressive record - it just didn't feel that way. However speaking positively there were still many highlights including that all run four versus Dodgers, Steve Meyler on tour and a famous win against the Bank of England. See you fit and raring to go for a sundrenched 2013 season......
Paul Gaught, Captain of Vice
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