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14th January 2011, Civil Service Recreation Club
Barry Gigg, Mike Taylor, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams, Richard Abigail, Jason Marchant, Matt Conway, Will Walker, Ian Moxon, Michael Duggan.
Steve Meyler, Paul Gaught, Noman Burki, Simon Gundry, Adam Spencer, Scott Thornton, Ralph Mould, Chris Plume.
Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
These were agreed. Attempts to book pitches at Battersea Park has failed as no pitches were available.
Chairman's Report
The Chairman was unable to attend the AGM due to unforeseen circumstances.
Treasurer's Report
The accounts had been audited. The Treasurer went through the details of income and expenditure and the forthcoming SPARTA bid. It was noted that now that Kings School run the Chiswick ground, they require payment in advance. This would be arranged in due course. The accounts and bid were unanimously approved by Members unchanged.
The AGM decided that it would be a good idea to open a new bank account as the existing account relied on a number of signatories who, for various reasons, were unable to sign cheques. The Treasurer had found what appeared to be a suitable account. Signatories for the account were agreed as Barry Gigg, Will Walker, Steve Meyler and Paul Gaught.
Election of Officers
No nominations had been received. However, it was decided to elect two new committee members. These were Michael Duggan (nominated by Mike Taylor, seconded by Jason Marchant) and Ian Moxon (nominated by Mark Williams, seconded by Will Walker). These appointments were agreed unanimously. Phil Patten would be approached in the coming year to see whether he wished to remain a committee member. Elected officers are as follows:-
ChairmanSteve Meyler
SecretaryMike Taylor
TreasurerBarry Gigg
Fixture SecretaryPaul Gaught
Committee MembersJason Marchant, Chris Mountain, Mark Williams Phil Patten, Will Walker, Matt Conway, Michael Duggan, Ian Moxon.
CaptainBarry Gigg
Vice CaptainPaul Gaught
AuditorRichard Abigail
Arrangements for 2011 Season
As with the latter part of last year, the role of canvassing players for weekly fixtures would be organised on a rolling basis - Chris Mountain kindly agreed to arrange a rota. The committee wished to remind players that they should notify organisers of their availability as soon as possible. Players may wish to make a particular effort to attend afternoon fixtures where having a full XI is particularly beneficial.
The annual poster promotion in tea points would be arranged in an attempt to recruit new players. Nets had been arranged at the Oval for pre-season practice, starting on 1 March.
Will Walker was in the process of arranging a tour to Bedfordshire for the early May Bank Holiday. The Committee was grateful for his work in doing so. The tour is a long-standing club tradition and players are encouraged to come along to what has always proved a very enjoyable weekend. Further details of the tour would be sent to players in due course.
Any Other Business
The AGM noted that Superstars teams had come 1st and 2nd at the 2010 SPARTA sports day. The Ken Block trophy was won by Dodgers. Overall the 2010 season had been the best for 3 years , helped by the recruitment of new players. The AGM also wished to thank Paul Gaught for his efforts over the year, particularly in pulling together up-to-date statistics. The club would once again aim to put forward teams for the SPARTA and 4DAs sports days and to support SPARTA at other events where possible.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.00.
Mike Taylor, Secretary.
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